Fun Yet Cheap Halloween Decorations for Your Home


Fun Yet Cheap Halloween Decorations for Your Home

When it comes time to decorate your house for a holiday, the money spent can quickly add up.  Here are some of our favorite Cheap Halloween Decorations that are great for general decor as well as perfect for parties.  Grab a few simple things from your local discount store to embellish these ideas with and you will quickly have a fun filled haunted house!


Milk Jug Ghosts:  Clean an empty milk jug out and allow to dry well.  Use a black permanent marker to draw eyes and mouth in scary shapes on the front.  At dark snap and add a glow stick to the inside to make it glow in the dark.

Trash Bag Ghosts:  Use small white kitchen bags over balloons you have blown up to create a ghost.  Make eyes with a permanent marker and attach to trees or ceiling with string or fishing line.

Painted Pumpkins:  Instead of carving a pumpkin, use simple craft paints and hot glue to decorate with buttons, beads and more to make a festive Halloween center piece.  Gold, Yellow, White, Black and Purple paints are great for this project. You can also make cute paper bag pumpkins!

Glove Severed Hands:   Use simple latex gloves blown up like a balloon and painted flesh tone with red paint “blood” accents to create simple severed hands to hang or lay around the house.

Styrofoam Spiders:  Grab small Styrofoam balls, black pipe cleaners, black paint and googly eyes to create simple handmade spiders to hang from the ceiling or hide in bags of candy

Cardboard Gravestones:  Cut a few pieces of cardboard into what you think look like gravestone shapes.  Spray paint them gray and use a permanent marker to put fake names, date of birth and death or other messages like R.I.P. or Beloved Friend.  Place them in your flower beds, or tack them to the bottom of a wall. Check out our duck tape tombstone for inspiration!

Specimen Jars:  Use old canning jars or empty condiment jars and fill will colored waters.  Place plastic bugs, spiders or eye balls and fingers inside the jars in the colored water.  Line them up on a shelf with a sign that says “Lab Experiments” or similar.

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This year stay in budget and have fun making these fun cheap Halloween decorations for your house and parties! Get the kids involved and decorate every room to reflect a different part of a dungeon or vampires lair.

What are your favorite cheap Halloween decorations?

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  1. We finally have a yard for the first time in years…I’m so excited to spruce it up for Halloween! Thanks for the tips :)

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