9 Spooky & Fun Halloween Crafts For Kids

Halloween is almost here and it is time to get into the spirit. Making a craft or two with my kiddo always gets me in the mood for this spooky time of year. I took a look around the web and have rounded up some of the cutest and spookiest crafts. These projects are fun for the whole family to try, check them out!

Candy Corn Monster

candy corn monster new

Candy corn is one of the few candies that I almost always buy long before Halloween. If I buy my Trick-Or-Treat candy early, it slowly disappears before Trick-Or-Treat! I would already have everything I need at home to make this adorable Candy Corn Monster from Crafty Morning. This is a super easy craft for little kids, but your bigger kids can help design this monster with extra horns and eyes.

Paper Bag Pumpkins

paper bag pumpkin Halloween Crafts For KidsHere is a super quick craft that will only take a few minutes and the kids will love! Check out these Paper Bag Pumpkins from our own archives. My little girl loves to paint, and would have a blast making this fun and super simple project.

Popsicle Stick Haunted House

haunted house 2

Check out this adorable Popsicle Stick Haunted House over at Happily Ever After. This sweet little house would look adorable on your mantle. I see this project as a two-day craft, one day for making the house and one day for decorating.

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Duct Tape Tombstone

duck tape tombstone Halloween Crafts For Kids

It is about time to start thinking about how I am going to decorate the yard for Trick or Treat. I like to include a couple surprises for all the kids who visit our door on Halloween night. For a quick and frugal decoration you can make with your kids, check out this DIY Duck Tap Tombstone. My favorite part of this craft is all the funny epitaph names you can come up with such as Candy B. Goode, C.U. Layder and Ben Dover.

Spider Hat

spider hat Halloween Crafts For Kids


When I used to teach I was always excited anytime I could work a hat craft into our education program. Wearable crafts encourage dramatic play and are just plain fun. I made this Spider Hat Craft from Fantastic Fun And Learning last year and she is still talking about it.

Movable Mummies


These Movable Mummies are adorable over at Family Chic From Camilla Fabbri. While the concept is simple, I think that these mummies would be lots of fun for school age kids to make. This craft only requires a few supplies so set-up is quick. I could see these cute mummies dancing on my mantle.

Paper Haunted House

haunter house paper Halloween Crafts For Kids

The other haunted house above is adorable, but sometimes you need a simple craft. This Paper Haunted House over at Sarah Jane Studios includes a free printable template to speed up the process. I love how kids can draw their own spooky monster behind each window.

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Halloween Paper Dolls

cone girls Halloween Crafts For Kids

If your little one likes play sets, you have got to download and print these adorable Cone Girls Halloween Paper Dolls from Mr. Printables. This free printable only includes the costumes, so you will also want to print the Original Cone Girls to dress up. What an adorable set!

Halloween Window Clings

Halloween_Window_Clings_Halloween Crafts For Kids

You could buy some window decorations at the store, or you could make these super cute Halloween Window Clings from A Little Craft In Your Day. I love that this idea would allow you to personalize your decorations easily, and the kids would have a ball making them.

So which fun Halloween craft have you added to your list to make? Tell us in the comments!

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