11 Fun Halloween Facts You Really Want to Know


Want to really stump your friends with your knowledge of cool Halloween facts? Read on for everything you ever wanted to know about the spookiest, most intriguing holiday of the year. These fun trivia facts are great for planning Halloween party games, lesson plans for kids and so much more. Let’s check them out!

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11 Halloween Facts You Need to Know Now

11 Fun Halloween Facts You Really Want to Know


  • The word “witch” comes from an Old English word that means “wise woman.” As a matter of fact, witches were very well-respected at one point in time. Popular belief says that witches would hold one of their sabbats on Halloween night.
  • Want to see a witch on Halloween? Just put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards! Of course, if you fall and bump your head, you’re likely to see a whole lot more than witches.

11 Fun Halloween Facts You Really Want to Know

  • Irish legend says that Jack O’Lanterns are actually named after a man named Jack, who was stingy and enjoyed tricking the devil on a few occasions. It has been said that he could not get into heaven or hell so he just roamed around Earth, leading people astray by waving around his lantern.
  • In 1933, the record for the world’s largest pumpkin was set by Norm Craven, who had an 836 pound pumpkin.
  • The first Jack-O-Lanterns were actually made from turnips! Can you imagine trying to carve one of those? I have a hard enough time with a big pumpkin!

11 Fun Halloween Facts You Really Want to Know

  • The most popular Halloween colors are orange and black. Orange stands for endurance and strength while black represents darkness and death. These colors together symbolize the boundaries between life and death.
  • The most famous magicians of all time was Harry Houdini. The weird thing is that Houdini died on Halloween night in 1926 and he died of appendicitis.


11 Fun Halloween Facts You Really Want to Know

  • New York City hosts its annual Village Halloween parade, the largest throughout the United States. The Village Halloween parade attracts more than 2 million viewers and about 50,000 parade participants.
  • Hong Kong celebrates Halloween but they called it the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts, or Yue Lan. During Yue Lan, fires are lit are gifts are offered to appease ghosts who are looking for revenge.

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  • The act of bobbing for apples on Halloween came from a festival that honored the fruit tree goddess, Pomona. During this Roman harvest festival, young folks that were not married would bob for apples and the first person to bite the apple would be able to get married next.

11 Fun Halloween Facts You Really Want to Know

  • Wondering why we dress up as goblins and ghouls? It goes back to ancient Celtic times, when the townspeople would don creepy costumes hoping to escape notice of the REAL ghosts wandering around on Samhain.


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  1. Ha! That is crazy that people would carve turnips…I can’t even imagine what the designs were. Every year, I say that I am going to carve his amazing Jack O lantern, and I never get around to it.

  2. I love Halloween, it’s one of my favorite holidays. My best friends mom throws the best Halloween parties! There is a money prize for the best costume and a ton of games for the kids.

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