Great Father’s Day Gifts From Baby

Looking for some super cute Father's Day gifts from baby? These gift ideas are so much fun and perfect for your special dad's first Father's Day!

First time Dads totally need these Great Father’s Day Gifts From Baby this year!  It’s tough to find specific items that are for first Father’s Days, but we have rounded up some things we feel are just right for gifting to the new dad in your life from his new baby.

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Great Father’s Day Gifts From Baby

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First Father’s Day


Darth Vader And Son:  This book is a classic for the Star Wars fan who is now a Daddy.  Not only is it going to be perfect for sharing that geek love, it will bring a smile to his face and make him proud to share his favorite movies and characters with his kids, even as a newborn.

Darth Vader And Son Book

Super Dad T-Shirt:  Every father feels like a hero the first time his little one smiles his way.  Now he can wear the t-shirt to show that pride every day.  Every day should be shown how loved and important he is, and this t-shirt is a great choice for their first Father’s Day.

Super Dad TShirt Father's Day gifts from baby

First Father’s Day Picture Frame:  This is a great choice for sharing a great picture of the baby, or Daddy and baby to remember for years to come.  Perfect for going on his desk or bedside table.

First Fathers Day Picture Frame Father's Day gifts from baby

Willow Tree New Dad Figurine:  This classic figure is a great gift to give for a father to cherish for a lifetime.  It fits perfectly on his desk at work, or in a bookshelf at home. It’s a great beautiful piece to cherish the memory of his first days as a father for years to come.

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Willow Tree Dad And Baby Father's Day gifts from baby

Father’s Day Picture Frame & Poem From Daughter:  This is especially perfect for a Dad of a little girl  This beautiful frame also includes a perfect poem to celebrate the love of a father and daughter.

I love daddy poem and frame Father's Day gifts from baby

Best Dad Ever Mug

Picking out a great Father’s Day gift from baby to Daddy isn’t easy, but these are some cue and fun ideas that can easily work for any dad.  If this list doesn’t have what you want, think outside the box.  Look for items that the new dad will enjoy in his free time, or that remind him of fun times he has had before.

Which of these adorable Father’s Day gifts from baby are your favorite? Tell us in the comments!
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20 thoughts on “Great Father’s Day Gifts From Baby”

  1. Omg these are some pretty great Father’s Day gift ideas!!! I’m loving the t-shirt. Hubby would love something like that :)

  2. I’m undecided between the super dad T-shirt and the like father like son T-shirts. The latter would be adorable on my toddler and his daddy.

  3. Rebecca Swenor

    These are great gifts for father’s day indeed. I love the t-shirts and the photo frame. I will have to share this with my niece and sister who just had babies. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Absolutely love the Darth Vader shirt! Great gift for the nerdy dads we love. They are the best kind of all!

  5. These are some good suggestions. I like the Super Dad shirt best because every Dad becomes a super Dad to their kids because they always seem bigger than life to their kids.

  6. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    I’m always so clueless when it comes to gift shopping for my other half. You’ve picked out some great things.

  7. Robin Masshole mommy

    My husband has that super dad T-shirt. He wears it all the time. I also really like the like father, like son T-shirt set. It’s really cute.

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