Best Father’s Day Quotes and Sayings

Looking for meaningful words to add to dad's card? Check out a few of our favorite  Fathers Day quotes and sayings

Our dads are the strength that keeps our families together. They are our protectors and work their tail to the bones to support the family. Whether your dad is biological or not, here are some of the best Father’s Day quotes and sayings. These quotes are perfect to write in your store-bought cards to help you create your own DIY Father’s Day cards.

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Our Favorite Father’s Day Quotes & Sayings

  • “The greatest thing a father can do to his children, is to love their mother.” Anjaneth Garcia Untalan

Looking for meaningful words to add to dad's card? Check out a few of our favorite  Fathers Day quotes and sayings. Perfect for DIY cards, letters and more.

  • “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” Sigmund Freud
  • “I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps by little scraps of wisdom.” Umberto Eco
  • “The nature of impending fatherhood is that you are doing something that you’re qualified to do, and then you become qualified while doing it.” John Green

Best Fathers Day Quotes: Robert Downey Jr.'s response when asked if he wants to be a hero to his son

  • “Do I want to be a hero to my son? No. I would like to be a very real human being. That’s hard enough.” Robert Downey Jr.
  • “We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.” Henry Ward Beecher
  • “It is admirable for a man to take his son fishing, but there is a special place in heaven for the father who takes his daughter shopping.” John Sinor
  • “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” Anne Geddes
  • “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: He believed in me.” Jim Valvano
  • “I want to congratulate all the men out there who are working diligently to be good father whether they are stepfathers, or biological fathers or just spiritual fathers.” T.D. Jakes

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  • “I’ve had a hard life, but my hardships are nothing against the hardships that my father went through in order to get me to where I started.” Bartrand Hubbard
  • “It’s not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.” Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

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