6 Super Creative Unique Easter Basket Ideas

Need a few super creative Easter basket ideas to really elevate your holiday fun? Check out these 6 unique baskets!

Are you searching for non-traditional Easter Basket ideas? Great! There are lots of them out there just waiting to be found. These creative baskets aren’t just a fun way to make the holiday more festive, they can also help you save money. Many of them either double as a gift or can be reused in another way.  Keep reading, to learn more about a few of them that work well for recipients of all ages.

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Unique Easter Basket Ideas

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Painted Clay Pot Basket

Easter means spring is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to give flowers as a gift. That being said, buy clay (or plastic) flower pots and paint them to look like Easter eggs. Fill each pot with candy and a packet or two of seeds suitable for growing in the pot.

Most kids love to grow things. So this is a great way for them to make use of their basket year-round. Include simple instructions to help them get started.

Edible Rice Cereal Basket

Looking for a fun way to make an edible Easter basket? Start by making rice cereal treats, following the recipe on the package. Instead of forming them into bars, form them into bowls or baskets. Use edible decorations and food coloring to make your treat bowls a bit more festive. Then, fill them with candy. Once the recipient has finished eating the candy, he or she can eat the basket, too.

Candy Bar Gift Box

Here’s another edible basket idea. Make a small gift box with your favorite candy bars. You may want to use extra large or king-sized versions of the brand of your choice, so you can make as big a box as possible.

You can either use toothpicks to hold the edges of your box together or use melted chocolate to set the pieces into place. Since the box you make will be a bit smaller, it’s probably best to use it for smaller Easter gifts, like jewelry or gift cards.

 Bird’s Nest Basket

A simple artificial bird’s nest from a craft store can easily be used to create a memorable basket. Make sure that you use a fairly large nest, so you have plenty of room to fill it. Line the bottom of the nest with either shredded paper or plastic “Easter grass.” Then, place a few of your painted Easter eggs in the center, just like a bird’s eggs in a nest. You can also go the edible basket route and try out this tutorial:

 Toy Dump Truck Basket

If you have a truck lover in your family, you can easily turn a toy dump truck into a cute Easter basket. Line the dumpster section with Easter grass. Fill with candy and a variety of boy-related toys like Matchbox cars, stickers, action figures, etc.

Bundt Pan Basket

A large Bundt pan makes a great Easter basket for anyone who loves to bake. Fill it with things like small kitchen gadgets, spices, fun cupcake papers and more. A second idea is to fill it with all of the ingredients required to make a yummy Bundt cake.

These are just a few suggestions, regarding unique Easter Basket ideas. Take a few minutes to think about the person you’re creating the basket for. Try to come up with something that coincides with a hobby or interest. Honestly, it’s probably easier than you think.

Do you have any favorite unique Easter basket ideas? Share in the comments!


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