How to plan the Ultimate Easter Celebration

If you’re hosting or planning an Easter celebration for your family, friends, or group, you want it to be memorable. Take some time to put together the ultimate Easter celebration that everyone who attends will love. Check out these tips to help you get started and make it all work.

How to plan the Ultimate Easter Celebration

Religious or Non-religious?
 Easter is a religious holiday, but not everyone celebrates it in this way. You need to decide if your Easter celebration will include religious aspects dealing with the resurrection of Jesus Christ or whether it will just be a celebration of Spring and Easter eggs.
If your Easter celebration includes the religious meaning, then start the celebration with a visit to church on Easter morning. Invite the others who are celebrating also to start off the celebration with you in this way.
What are the traditional Easter foods in your family or among your group of friends? Use these dishes to create your ultimate menu. Some ideas include ham, deviled eggs, potato salad. Be sure to include plenty of finger foods for grazing at your Easter party and desserts to appeal to all ages.


Desserts like a bunny- or egg-shaped cake are excellent choices. Our easy crepe Easter cookies are a perfect healthy recipe for kids.  Don’t be afraid to tell guests that the meal is potluck and ask them to contribute some food.
Since Easter is the first real holiday of Spring, go all out with decorations. Choose a mixture of pastel colors but throw in a few bright colors too. Not a fan of pastels? Check out our ideas for thinking outside pink! If you are including the religious aspect of Easter, purple and white are colors that symbolize the resurrection of Christ at Easter.
Other decoration ideas include hanging plastic eggs on string loops or stringing plastic eggs onto long strings to create garlands. Make your own decorations with our 10 Easter crafts for adults. You can also visit a local dollar store for inexpensive decorations like large, colorful eggs, cross statues, bunny figurines and the like.
Don’t forget colored tablecloths and centerpieces for each table. You can choose cross statues, baskets of plastic eggs, bunny statues, or vases of flowers to accent tables.
What Easter celebration would be complete without an Easter egg hunt? Create an egg hunt for all ages and be sure to have plenty of eggs available. If you have older teens or adults hunting the eggs, turn it into a fun and friendly competition to see who can score the most eggs. You can add some fun elements such as allowing participants to steal eggs from the baskets of other hunters, but if they are caught they forfeit the pilfered egg plus one from their basket. You can turn an egg hunt into loads of fun and laughs!
You can also hide small prizes in among the eggs, or have special prizes for finding certain eggs. Other activities you can include would be an egg dyeing station for kids who want to experience coloring real eggs, an egg toss game, raw egg and spoon relays. Check out our other Egg-citing Easter activities for ideas for kids.
The ultimate Easter celebration should include family and friends and time together. Enjoy the festivities with your loved ones and celebrate Easter with a day of fun.
How do you create the ultimate Easter celebration? Tell us your ideas in the comments!

9 thoughts on “How to plan the Ultimate Easter Celebration”

  1. These are great ideas. I’ll have to remember some of these ideas next year. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I love the painted vase, that’s really nice. I decorated eggs with my grandchildren yesterday, we dyed them first but the kids were most excited about the stickers (Frozen, Minions etc) that were then stuck on the dyed eggs. :-)

  3. The Easter bunny hides eggs and the hunt is on. Easter brunch followed by an outside game of maybe some baseball using a tennis ball so we can find it in the snow and visiting (I’m thinking a Easter filled with sunshine-although we still have snow). We will have a Easter supper and I’m thinking lemon meringue pie!

  4. All great tips for hosting a great Easter celebration. Thanks for sharing, I will have to use some of these.

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