DIY Decorative Easter Straw Centerpiece Home Decor Project


Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it’s a time to spend with loved ones. Another fun thing about Easter is all the fun, homemade decorations you can make to fit in with your home. I wanted to create some unique homemade Easter décor pieces this year using items from my local Dollar Tree and stay on a budget and I accomplished that task. I made this gorgeous Decorative straw centerpiece that is perfect for holding colored Easter eggs and can even be used after Easter is over. Use it in your kitchen for utensils, on your desk as a pencil holder, in a kid’s room to hold small toys and lots more.

Homemade Easter Décor Piece

What you need:


  • Glass square vase
  • Decorative Straws (from dollar store)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Glittered Easter Eggs (from dollar store)

Take one of your straws and hold it up to the side of the glass vase and cut at the top of the vase. This is the way we are going to measure the heights of the straws and will be a guideline for the rest of the cuts. I was able to get 2 pieces out of each straw which was plenty for my Homemade Easter Décor Piece.I used a mix of mint, gold and pink chevron decorative straws to give it a fun and unique look.

Once all your straws are cut decide what pattern you want to go with, I chose to do an alternating mint, gold, mint, gold and then solid pink on the sides. Take your straws and apply hot glue to one side and place on the glass vase. Press firmly for a few seconds and it will stick for good.


Continue gluing the straws to the side until it’s completely finished.


Fill up your glass vase with decorative glittered eggs and display on your kitchen island, kitchen table, entry table and more.

Do you have any favorite homemade Easter decor ideas that you love to make every year? Share in the comments!

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  1. Oh that is really cute! I’m so glad you can get these things at the dollar tree! Its one of my favorite places to shop! I’ll probably try to make something like this next week!

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