Healthy Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

While Easter is traditionally thought of as a time to load baskets full of candy, we prefer a healthier approach. After all, too much candy contributes to childhood obesity, something we are passionate about preventing! While it’s okay to add one or two goodies to the basket, why not use this as an opportunity to give some great healthier gifts? Check out our ideas for healthy Easter basket ideas for boys.


5 Healthy Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

Healthy Easter basket ideas for boys range from items that directly encourage kids to be active to those that encourage fitness in a more indirect way. I’ve included a mix of both, as I know my son isn’t exactly into athletic games. With him, I often take a more indirect approach. Affiliate links are included in this post.


Adventure Books

Books that encourage activity make great healthy Easter basket ideas for boys. I particularly love The Boy’s Book of Adventure. It encourages activities like backpacking and hiking through how-tos and tips on topics like stargazing, bug collecting, and camping. Of course, any book in the basket is better than candy. Books are a great way to workout the mind.


Roller Skates

Remember how popular roller skating was when we were younger? It’s time to bring that back! Roller skating is such a great way to stay in shape. While Roller Derby kind of freaks me out (it’s too violent!), boys will certainly love these Roller Derby Firestar Boy’s Roller Skate. They feature both lace and Velcro closures and a lightweight frame.


Razor Scooter
Razor A Kick Scooters fold up so nicely that they actually can fit in a basket! They offer a wide range of pricing options too, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on this fun healthy Easter basket idea. My son never quite took to a bike, but he does love his Razor scooter. He’s had it for four years now and it still works perfect. I love that it really helped him learn better balance too.


Basketball & Hoop

A high-quality Spalding NBA Neverflat Indoor/Outdoor Basketball will last your son years while getting him outdoors for some exercise. You can take this gift even further by investing in a basketball hoop that the whole family can enjoy. Obviously, that won’t fit in the basket, so you can use the basketball as a clue! Perhaps add an Easter egg with a note telling your son to look out the window.


Remote Control Car
It may not seem like it, but remote control cars like the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme make great healthy Easter basket ideas for boys. My son is incredibly active when playing with a remote control car because he likes to chase after it. Plus, they’re a great way to get kids outdoors and in fresh air. We take ours to a local park. Once my son is done playing with that, he spends time on the swings and other Sometimes, just getting kids outside helps you win the battle to get them active.

These are just a few fun and healthy Easter basket ideas for boys. Have a daughter? Be sure to check out our Easter basket ideas for girls of all ages!

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  1. I like the current trend that is moving away from candy-focused holiday gifts, and towards gifts that promote a healthier lifestyle in kids.

  2. My little guys are still too young for most of these items but it is a good list to keep in mind for the future.

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