Your Unforgettable Easter Starts with These 3 Party Games for Adults!



Want to host the most memorable Easter celebration ever?

Plan a few Easter party games for adults!

It seems like when we plan for the holiday, we come up with dozens of cool egg hunts and other games for the kids, but the grown-ups are left on the sidelines just watching.

This year, it’s time to join in the fun! I bet everyone will be talking about it long after Peter Rabbit goes back to his bunny den!

Easter Party Games for Adults

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1. Egg Relay Race

With this game, you need some hard boiled eggs as well as a start line and a finish line. Each participating adult stands at the start line, holding a spoon with an egg on it. On the word GO, players rush to the finish line as fast as possible, without dropping their egg.

If they drop their egg, they are out of the game. The first person to hit the finish line, with their egg still on their spoon, wins the game.

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2. Egg Bocce Ball

For this game, you will need hard-boiled eggs. Color the eggs with two sets of four of the same color. You will need to leave one egg uncolored as well. Divide the adults into two teams, having one person from each team start the game.

Before the game starts, place the un-colored egg in the center of the room, or wherever you want it placed. Each player will get four eggs to start off the game and the object is to toss their eggs as close to the un-colored egg as possible.

The player that comes the closest get one point for their team. The game keeps going until each person has had a turn. The team with the most points wins the game.

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3. Flashlight Egg Hunt

Flashlight Egg Hunt is just what it sounds like, an egg hunt using a flashlight. This is better when it is played outdoors but indoors will work as well. You can also use glow-in-the-dark eggs instead of flashlights if you’re playing outdoors.

Before the party guests arrive, hide all of the eggs. Once it gets dark, give each adult a flashlight (or just set them loose, if using glow eggs) and set a time limit, like 20 minutes, in which they must find as many eggs as they can.

The winner is the one who finds the most eggs by the end of the time limit. This is our favorite Easter party game for adults to play after the kiddos are tucked into bed (or with a good family movie!).

4. Easter Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are one of my favorite Easter party games for adults! There are just so many ways to go with this game, so it never gets boring. If you’re throwing your bash outdoors, you can make it a “signs of spring” hunt. Include things like a robin, spring flowers, etc.

If you live in town, you can even take the hunt on the road (or sidewalk). Send everyone out for an hour armed with a list of things to find around town. Just drive around before your party for inspiration.

5. Egg decorating contest

Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy decorating eggs! Set out hard-boiled eggs and all the supplies needed, then let your guests get to it! Make sure you set out a variety of decorating tools, including the standard egg decorating kit (mostly for the colors), electric tape, washi tape, Sharpies, and embellishments like feathers, pom poms, and scraps of colored paper.

Give awards out for a variety of categories like: prettiest egg, best use of color, funniest egg, and even the ugliest egg (for those of us without major crafting talent).

With these Easter party games for adults, we bet your family gathering will be memorable! Just be prepared for everyone to want you to host all the family parties!

Does your family play any fun Easter party games for adults? Tell us in the comments!

17 thoughts on “Your Unforgettable Easter Starts with These 3 Party Games for Adults!”

  1. What fun our family (ages 13-77) had last Easter having a cake decorating contest. We drew numbers for partners set a time limit and the decorating began.
    Sent photos to other relatives to judge.

  2. These are some great games. I never really thought about doing Easter games for adults. I’ll have to see about these this year.

  3. How fun is this!??!?! We always think of Easter being just for kids but I love that you came up with ways for adults to have fun too. Sharing this with my sisters as we are all planning the holiday together this year!

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