Choose the Cutest Easter Bunny Costumes for Boys

Who said dressing up in a costume is just for Halloween? This Easter, let the little man in your life be the bunny! With these adorable Easter Bunny costumes for boys, he’ll be the hit of the egg hunt. We’ve included affiliate links to help you find these cute costumes.


While Easter Bunny costumes for girls seem to have more variations with dresses and skirts, Easter Bunny costumes for boys tend to be a bit more straight-forward. The greatest variation is in the style of the bunny. Take a look at a few of my favorite costumes for your little man. I went with costumes that don’t cover your child’s face. We all know kids never leave those masks and clunky heads on for too long anyway!

5 Adorable Easter Bunny Costumes for Boys


Blue Bunny Infant Costume

Okay, so bunnies aren’t exactly blue in nature, but my goodness, isn’t this just adorable? I love the chenille and flannel fabric because it’s soft on your little one’s skin. This costume comes in sizes for newborns through 18 months. It even comes with a carrot rattle to keep your baby occupied during dinner.


Happy Bunny Costume

The Happy Easter Bunny costumes for boys is adorable because it gives the full bunny experience while keeping their faces uncovered. This would be perfect for a chilly day outside, perhaps for an Easter egg hunt. You can even turn your little one’s bottle into a carrot with the included bottle holder.


Baby Bugs Bunny Costume

Dress your little boy up as everyone’s favorite cartoon rabbit: Bugs Bunny! This adorable costume include the romper and head piece. The costume is a great way to introduce your kids to the beloved Loony Tunes. I got my son into Bugs Bunny when he was about three and he’s loved them ever since. It’s fun to be able to share my childhood favorites with him.


Child White Rabbit

I’m kind of an Alice in Wonderland fanatic, so I’d love to see my son dressed up as the White Rabbit. Don’t you just love the giant hat with the bunny ears? The vest and bowtie are attached to the jacket, so you have less pieces to lose. Always a good thing in my house!


Easter Turquoise Bunny Carrot Chervon Smocked Shortall
This is a little something for those who want to go with the Easter bunny costumes for boys theme without actually using a costume. This adorable outfit features bunnies across the chest. You could pop some bunny ears on your little one and call it a costume! Hey, we parents have to get creative sometimes, right?

These adorable Easter Bunny costumes for boys are perfect for the Spring holiday. Plus, you can save money by putting them away for Halloween! Want to hear something funny? My mom dressed me up as a bunny for like the first 3 Halloweens of my life! I guess it was just the easiest option.

Which of the Easter Bunny costumes for boys do you like best?

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