Fill Those Easter Baskets with Cute DIY Treats!


Don’t let that fuzzy bunny bust your budget this year! Instead, check out these adorable DIY Easter basket treat ideas that the whole family will love! Seriously, when did Easter treats get so darn expensive? Even the little miniature “seasonal” sizes of the most popular toys cost $5 each! You know what I mean, right? The tiny treats found in all those shiny buckets and bins in your favorite mass-market retailer? By the time you’re done filling those baskets, you’ve spent a small fortune!

Five Tips for Creating Healthier Easter Baskets

Rather than filling the basket full of itty bitty toys that you know will be lost in a day, save the money for one great family gift. Then, use these cute DIY Easter Basket treat ideas to give kids fun and tasty gifts from the heart! Mix these tasty treats in with some other healthier options and you have the perfect basket!

DIY Easter Basket Treats



Start with our very own Egg Face Cookies! These are perfect DIY Easter basket treats for kids because, like the actual eggs themselves, kids can help decorate them. If you have more than one child, let each one decorate cookies for another child. Make it their gift to each other.


You can’t have an Easter basket without Peeps…apparently. Honestly, I’ve never been a fan. My son, on the other hand, is totally bonkers for them! In the old days, you could only get them at Easter. Now they have them for every season. I think if I had these White Chocolate Peeps from The Joys of Boys, though, I would actually enjoy the marshmallow bunnies more!



Formula Mom has a great way to lure Mr. E. B. to your house with her Bunny Bait! I think she just might be luring me on over too with the sweet and salty combination!



Love to be in the Kitchen took a recipe loaded with sugar and found a way to make it healthier without killing the taste. Now that’s an awesome DIY Easter treat! Don’t they look scrumptious! I’ll take  dozen in my basket, please!



I’ve always loved Rice Krispie Treats, but Simply Being Mommy takes them to a whole new level! These treats have a surprise inside! What is it? I’m not telling! You’ll have to check out her recipe to find out!

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20 thoughts on “Fill Those Easter Baskets with Cute DIY Treats!”

  1. how cute is that bunny bait. ya know, making the easter treats for the baskets sounds like a much better idea than store bought. thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Those peeps are so super-cute. I am horrible at making rice crispies… lol… I tried making those eggs one year and no one could bite into them.

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