15 Super Cute & Easy DIY Easter Basket Ideas That Look Like a Million Bucks!

Looking for cute DIY Easter basket ideas for your whole family that look absolutely amazing? These 15 ideas are pretty egg-cellent, if I do say so myself! Check them out!

Looking for cute DIY Easter basket ideas for your whole family that look absolutely amazing? These 15 ideas are pretty egg-cellent, if I do say so myself! Check them out!

Every year since my son was little, I’ve sworn that I was going to cut back on the amount of money I spend on Easter. Every year, I go over budget. It’s not like I’m giving him new gaming systems or even spending a ton on candy. It’s just that the little things really add up. Take the Easter basket itself, for example! I feel like I spend more on that than I do on what goes into them! Then, once Easter is over, they end up forgotten in my garage for all eternity. That’s not going to happen with these Easter basket ideas!


15 DIY Easter Basket Ideas for All Ages


A few years ago, I decided enough is enough with the baskets. Rather than buying a traditional basket that will get tossed aside, I started buying things that could be reused. Many of these Easter basket ideas below are cute enough to use after the holiday. Others are edible, so there’s nothing to store!

  1. Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial– Nana Company- Features instructions on how to make this cute Easter basket, complete with floral fabric bow.
  2. DIY Glittered Easter Pails– Freutcake- This Easter basket idea is easy to make, using metal pails and gold glitter.
  3. DIY Mickey and Minnie Easter Baskets– This Fairy Tale Life-  These cute wicker Easter baskets require just a few materials, like spray paint, painter’s tape, felt and foam board.
  4. DIY Delicious Cereal Easter Basket– Good Housekeeping- This entire Easter basket is edible, made with marshmallows and Fruity Pebbles cereal.
  5. How to Make and Edible Easter Basket in 3 Easy Steps– One Good Thing- This cute Easter Basket is made with 4 boxes of marshmallow Peeps candy.
  6. Handmade Birch Bark Easter Basket– Damask Love- This unique Easter basket is made with sheets of bark from birch trees. How cool is that?
  7. DIY Terra Cotta Easter Basket– Hostess with the Mostess- This Easter basket idea is inexpensive to make and takes just minutes to put together.
  8. DIY Stuffed Animal Easter Basket– The Idea Room- If you have old stuffed animals lying around, this Easter basket idea is a great way to repurpose them.
  9. Repurposed Milk Jug Easter Basket– Brandy Fisher- What a great way to recycle milk jugs with this cool Easter basket idea.
  10. Beach Towel & Pool Noodle Easter Basket– Down Home Inspiration- This is definitely a thinking-outside-the-box Easter basket idea, made with a beach towel and a pool noodle.

They’re all so cute, it’s hard to decide which one is my favorite! I know my niece would love the Mickey and Minnie baskets from This Fairy Tale Life. My son (and my mom, come to think of it) would go nuts for the Peeps edible basket.

What do you put in an edible basket? More edible treats, of course! Check out our favorite DIY Easter Treats for Kids!


Now that you know how to make some adorable empty DIY Easter baskets, let’s check out a few filled basket ideas. These are even better than those pre-filled baskets that you buy in stores! Since you decide what goes into them, you know your kids will love them. The few occasions that I bought the pre-made ones, my son ended up with a few things he loved and a few things that just sat in their wrapper until we finally tossed them a year later!

  1. Easter Basket Ideas– A Night Owl- Provides instructions on how to make a Little Baker Easter Basket for girls and a Trickster Easter Basket for boys.
  2. Egg’ceptional Easter Basket Ideas– Free-N-Fun Easter- Features instructions on how to make 12 different Easter baskets, including a Safari Easter Basket, a Superhero Easter Basket and a Tulle Easter Basket.
  3. My Garden Easter Basket– Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails- This unique Easter basket idea is made using a toy wagon and is filled with toy garden tools, along with yummy candy.
  4. Trolls Movie Easter Basket Idea– The Keeper of the Cheerios- Calling all Trolls fans! This Easter, Trolls fans will live this Easter basket, filled with an array of Trolls goodies. You can even add in some of our Trolls rainbow movie popcorn snacks! Just whip it up the night before so it’s fresh on Easter morning. diy-easter-basket-ideas
  5. DIY Shopkins Easter Basket– The Denver Housewife- Who doesn’t love Shopkins? Here you can learn how to make a Shopkins Easter basket and even provides you with Shopkin item suggestions to put in the basket.

Need some ideas for more fillers? Check out these 5 Zootopia Books to Fill Your Child’s Easter Basket!

I know a very special little girl that is going to go absolutely nuts for the Trolls idea, and a little boy who would go nuts for the wagon!

Do you have any favorite DIY Easter Basket Ideas? Share below!

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