Think Outside Pink: Cute Easter Decorations That AREN’T Pastel!

Not a big fan of soft pinks and baby blues? Check out these cute Easter decorations that AREN'T all about the pastels colors! Think outside pink!

Do you find that you don’t enjoy pastel decorations for Easter (seriously, this is a thing!)? While it seems like the majority of the Easter decorations are pastel, you can definitely find some decorations that aren’t pastel, but are still bright and beautiful for Easter! This list of cute Easter decorations that aren’t pastel is sure to make your Easter fantastic without all the pastel!

Cute Easter Decorations that AREN’T Pastel!

1. Sew Easter Kitchen Towel
This Easter Kitchen Towel avoids the typical pink but can still brighten up your house for Spring! If you can sew, this would be a great project for you! Make a few to complement your guest bathroom and brighten things up!


2. Jelly Bean Vase
If you want something with a fun twist, and the colors of your choice, try this jelly bean vase! That way, you can pick and choose what colors you want to feature and totally skip the pastels!

3. Easter Egg Crafts
This Easter egg craft features some of the pastel colors, but you could use any color Easter egg to do this! Out of all the decorations that aren’t pastel, this is one of the easiest to make! You could even include your kids in this project for some cute Easter decor!


4. Easter Wreath
This Easter wreath is a great way to incorporate some Easter decor in your life without pastel colors! Wreaths are a staple decoration for any holiday, and this Easter wreath is sure to brighten your day!

5. Burlap Bunny Bunting
If you want to completely pass on the Easter pastel decorations, try some burlap! This burlap bunny bunting is super cute and features no pastel!

6. Decoupage Craft Spring Vases
These vases use a darker color than the normal pastels you see during Easter, making this one of the best decorations! These beautiful vases are a great way to bring some light and beauty to your home, and if you love crafting, it’s a fun and easy project to do!

If you take a look outdoors, spring flowers are made up of so many other colors than the basic pastels we’ve come to associate with the season. Rich jewel tones and vibrant reds and oranges dot the landscape. Forget fifty shades of grey, you’ll find a hundred shades of green just in your backyard! Let nature inspire you to think outside pink!

These are some great Easter decorations that aren’t pastel and you can totally use to brighten up your house this year! Which one do you want to try first?

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  1. These are such cute ideas! I think I need to do some Decoupage Craft Spring Vases with the kids as Easter projects!

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