7 Easter Recipes You’ll Crave All Year Long

Looking for Easter recipes that you will crave all year long? Check out these 7 ideas from appetizers to desserts!


When it comes to Easter recipes (or any holiday recipes, for that matter), there are just some that you crave all year long. My family has a secret soup recipe that they only make during Christmas, for example. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for the year. I start looking forward to it in January, craving it until it comes around again! Easter is the same way. We all make certain “once a year” meals or treats that make the holiday extra special. If you’re looking for some new ideas to add to your Easter rotation, check out a few recipes that have me drooling already!

Easter Recipes You’ll Crave All Year Long

1. Easter Deviled Eggs

I’m sure you’ve seen those colored easter deviled eggs all over Pinterest. I actually made them myself and was super shocked when they came out pretty good! My pictures weren’t as pretty, though, so check out this tutorial on Cincy Shopper!

2. Avocado Deviled Eggs

For a totally new twist on the above, try these  Avocado Deviled Eggs from Recipe This!

3. Glazed Ham on the Grill

Ham is pretty much a staple of an Easter meal. With Easter falling so late this year, it’s a lot warmer out than usual, making it the perfect time to try this grilled ham from In the Kitchen with Jenny!

4. Creamy Endive and Ham


Of course, you could step outside the traditional ham recipe and whip up this creamy endive and ham gratin recipe! YUM!

5. Orange & Almond Quinoa Salad

Zesty Orange and Almond Quinoa Salad

Need a vegetarian idea? Quinoa is delicious and filling, especially when paired with oranges and almonds in this zesty salad!


6. Egg-Shaped Peanut Butter Chocolate Madeleines


Easter wouldn’t be complete with a little chocolate, right? These peanut butter chocolate madeleines made in an egg-shaped mold are perfect for a sweet after school snack or a dessert for your Easter party.

7. No Bake Fruit Dessert

Skip the oven and whip up a tasty fruit dessert full of spring colors! For an extra special Easter touch, add some colorful sorbet or whipped cream to the side.

So, here’s the thing about these Easter recipes: when you are craving them all year long, they’re all relatively easy to make. So if you don’t want to, you don’t HAVE to make them once-a-year deals.

Do you have any favorite Easter recipes that you crave all year long? Share in the comments!

21 thoughts on “7 Easter Recipes You’ll Crave All Year Long”

  1. Kelly Hutchinson

    Deviled eggs have always been one of my favorite foods. I love these colorful Easter deviled eggs. So great to serve this year with our Easter meal.

  2. I want avocado everything! I need to make those Avocado Deviled Eggs this year. The hardest part will be sharing them.

  3. Amy @ Marvelous Mommy

    My husband is the grilling master! He always does the ham on the grill for our holiday gatherings!

  4. I love sliced ham at Easter time! Deviled eggs are great at Easter too! You can use up the hardboiled eggs you made!

  5. I definitely crave deviled eggs all year long. They are one of my favorite foods and I must try that avocado version as well.

  6. I definitely crave deviled eggs all year long. They are one of my favorite foods and I must try that avocado variety as well.

  7. Well, I already know what my husband will be trying this spring – grilled ham. I can’t wait to eat it! Om nom nom.

  8. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I am SO hungry now! Ham and deviled eggs are the best nom noms in the world. I actually DO make them all year round.

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