unBOX Possibilities for Families in Need with UNICEF Canada Survival Gifts

Thank you Unicef Canada for sponsoring this conversation. I am honored to share the news about  the survival gifts.

The madness of the holiday shopping season is officially here! Whether you were out at midnight on Black Friday trying to score the best deals in town before finally falling asleep in an aisle or madly clicking refresh on your computer browser to get that hot online deal, there’s no denying that the madness has begun! I know your “to-do” list is huge but I’d love if you could take a moment to consider a very special gift that may not already be on your list: UNICEF CANADA Survival Gifts.

My daughter and I are so excited to share with you our unBOXing of some of the UNICEF Canada Survival Gifts. UNICEF Canada gave us the exclusive opportunity to unBOX possibilities and actually touch, feel and taste some of the survival gifts that typically go straight from the Copehagen warehouse to the people in the field after online purchase.   These gifts may seem like such basic items to many of us, but to families living in less developed nations, they’re often considered a luxury. Watch our video.

A Closer Look at the UNICEF Canada Survival Gifts


UNICEF Canada Survival Gifts include necessities such as:

  • Water purification tablets: For $19, 2,857 tablets are provided to families who need clean water.
  • Bed nets: $9 for 1 pack
  • First aid kit: $36
  • Therapeutic milk: For 25 packets, it’s only $20.
  • Plumpy nut: $10
  • Baby Blankets: $22

Again, while these gifts seem like such basic items to you and me, they’re absolute luxuries to moms and children in other parts of the world. Did you know that every day, 1.600 children die from unsafe water? Or that 50% of deaths under 5 years old are attributed to under-nutrition? Now you understand why these Survival Gifts are so life-altering.

Want to take your gift even further? Send something special along with your UNICEF Survival Gifts. Give a community the gift of play with soccer balls. Inspire creativity in a budding artist with Art-in-A-Box. Then, bring the message home to your own children. Dedicate your gift in their name, then put the personalized card under the tree along with their gifts. When they unwrap their gifts on the big day, talk about the impact their Survival Gifts, along with the extra treats, makes on communities across the world.

See what an impact UNICEF Canada Survival Gifts are making to the recipients by checking out the UNICEF Canada YouTube channel for real life experience. You can shop directly from the channel, or by visiting UNICEF Canada’s website.  Join the conversation by following the #unBOXPossibilities hashtag on social media. Help us and UNICEF unBOX Possibilities for children in need this holiday.

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What luxury would you love to share with families in need this holiday season? 

35 thoughts on “unBOX Possibilities for Families in Need with UNICEF Canada Survival Gifts”

  1. I still remember supporting UNICEF as a kid – what a great cause! I enjoyed seeing what kinds of things they are doing recently. What a great idea, and I would love to support this.

  2. We definitely take for granted the simple things that are available to us. I mean I don’t even think about clean water. That is awesome that they are providing Water purification tablets.

  3. Go Unicef! I had no idea that tablets like these could provide clean water and that there was such a need. I think we take for granted so much of the little things in life, like clean water.

  4. What a great survival kit that Unicef has put together. It’s so important to have clean water. Thanks for the info.

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