5 Amazing Survival Gifts That Help Kids in Need Really Thrive

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Want your holiday donations to help kids not only survive, but thrive this holiday season? Give them these Survival Gifts from UNICEF Canada that will really bring them joy!

Want your holiday donations to help kids not only survive, but thrive this holiday season? Give them Survival Gifts from UNICEF Canada that will really bring them joy! Every child deserves the chance to just be a kid, but children living in developing nations have too few opportunities to revel in the magic of playtime. Let’s learn more about how Survival Gifts work, then I’ll share a few of my favorite gifts that really bring on the joy for kids in need!

What are Survival Gifts from UNICEF Canada?

Survival Gifts are just that, gifts that you can donate through UNICEF that help those in dire need survive the challenges they face every day. Challenges that we can’t even imagine, like finding safe drinking water, staving off extreme hunger, or keeping their babies safe from life-threatening diseases.

There’s another aspect to surviving that we don’t often think about, though: emotional survival.  If you think back to your psychology classes, you’ll remember that while the necessities like food, shelter, water, and air are at the base of the needs pyramid, there are four other categories that relate entirely to emotional needs. These include things like confidence, belonging, and self-reliance. Survival Gifts that help kids thrive also help meet these important needs.

Ready to check out my favorites? Make sure you visit UNICEF Canada for the full catalog of gifts!

5 Survival Gifts that Help Kids Thrive

  1. Learn and Play Gift

Want your holiday donations to help kids not only survive, but thrive this holiday season? Give them these Survival Gifts from UNICEF Canada that will really bring them joy!

The Learn and Play gift includes enough supplies to help 23 children. For $55, 23 children will have access to necessities like pencils, textbooks and exercise books as well as fun stuff like sports balls and a jump rope. With this gift, you’ll be helping kids thrive by growing stronger minds and bodies!

  1. Early Childhood Development Kit with Toys


The Early Childhood Development kit is one of my favorite Survival Gifts to help kids really thrive and bring them joy. It costs $270 and comes with enough learning toys for 50 children! Every child deserves a chance to play with toys, especially during the holidays. Playing together gives children a chance to socialize while learning new skills, like reading, matching skills, and number recognition. So not only are they having fun, but it’s setting the groundwork for future learning adventures.

  1. Sports Pack

For just $75, the Sports Pack includes enough supplies to help 94 kids experience the joys of outdoor playtime. With soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs, and skipping ropes, kids have a chance to learn teamwork and help heal past traumas by coming together with new friends. If you’re working with a tighter budget, a single high-quality soccer ball costs just $20 and reaches 10 children.

  1. Bicycle

A bicycle is an amazing gift to give a child to help them not only survive but thrive. Not only do they help kids get to school faster or do chores to help their families, but they also let kids experience the joys and excitement of riding exploring their surroundings through cycling. Every child should feel the wind on their faces as they glide down a hill on a bike! This gift costs $191.

  1. Writing and Sketching Pack

Maybe I’m biased since I’m a writer, but I think every kid should have an opportunity to express themselves creatively through writing and drawing. At $17, the Writing and Sketching Pack is perfect for every budget and includes enough pencils and notebooks to reach 27 children. Who knows, your donation could help the world discover the next JK Rowling or Picasso!

It’s easy to donate Survival Gifts from UNICEF Canada. Just pick your favorite and UNICEF will make sure it gets to where it’s needed most! You can even donate in honor of a loved one, then have a personalized greeting card sent to them to let them know.

Connect with UNICEF Canada on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with all their wonderful news! Follow the conversation by using the hashtags #SurvivalGifts and #RealGiftsRealImpact!

What are your favorite Survival Gifts that help kids thrive? Tell us below!

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  1. What a cool concept. I had not idea that UNICEF did that. So cool that all the gifts are very inexpensive and there’s an educational concept.

  2. Such simple gifts, but they probably mean the world to those kids. I know my girls love to draw, so I can see other kids would love it too!

  3. I must admit I have thought of donating money and clothes but rarely things like play sets that can support their intellectual growth too. Great post

  4. These are the kind of gifts that the children from the place where I came from in the Philippines would be able to use and enjoy for a long time.

  5. I love that UNICEF does so much good work around the world. These survival gifts are great ways to donate money and know what it is going to.

  6. These are the type of gifts I love to give. I will have to head over to the site and get The Early Childhood Development kit. It is so important to give back when we are able to.

  7. I love the idea of buying gifts for a child that could really use something. Holidays are supposed to bring out the best in people and have a giving attitude. This is a great way to do that.

  8. I love gifts that educate and entertain at the same time. They provide children with the opportunity to learn and have fun doing it.

  9. Oh nice, I think it is so important to give back. I’ll have to check out the site and see how I can help. I love that writing and sketching pack.

  10. Hope people give back to this wonder program. Important to help people, especially children. Giving gifts that help learn and are fun is important.

  11. My heart melted as I read this! It’s important to give back and I love that these gifts actually help kids thrive. What an awesome program!

  12. I love gifts that give back like this. This time of year especially – we need to think about others and give when we can.

  13. It would be so amazing to give back especially this season and I would love to try this! It’s really important that we give the kids what they need to have a better life.

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  16. These are all wonderful ways to give back. And seriously, $17 to reach 27 kids? That’s such an inexpensive way to help so many children!

  17. I’m so happy to see this story – especially during a time of materialistic messages in media everywhere. It’s so important to give back and there’s gifts are truly beautiful and meaningful. I’m looking now, to see what I can give in a loved ones name.

  18. This is such a wonderful way to give back! I always look at the gifts we have, and I think about those that have nothing. I like to donate and buy gifts that help others, and this will be perfect!

  19. I’ve seen that UNICEF is a great organization. I think it’s a wonderful cause for helping kids in third-world countries

  20. UNICEF is a great organization. They have been around for many years. It’s a wonderful cause for helping kids in underdeveloped countries

  21. What a great way to give back. Everything listed here can really make a difference in a child’s life, we’ll be checking it out and see what we can do!

  22. Thank you so much for the heads up on this! I have to get over to UNICEF and start buying. I love being able to help those in need so easily.

  23. UNICEF is an organization that has been around for many decades. I remember their commercials when I was a kid. It’s great that they’re still around and still doing great things for children across the world.

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