9 Adorable Reindeer Crafts That Will Make You Say Fa La La

These adorable reindeer crafts will make your heart sing Fa La La! Check out our list for DIY Christmas crafts for the kids and even some home decor ideas too!

Need some reindeer crafts to give your home that certain fa la la spirit? I’ve put together a list of fun craft projects you have got to try! Some of these are kids crafts, other are more home décor ideas and some could even double as handmade gifts! You are going to want to try all these fun reindeer ideas, check them out!

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9 Adorable Reindeer Crafts That Will Make You Say Fa La La

Festive Krinkle Paper Reindeer


Who doesn’t have a little extra of that shredded paper for filling gift bags around the house at the holidays? This idea is super cute for littler kids!

Burlap Reindeer

These adorable reindeer can be used as decorations around your house, but you can also tuck little gifts inside! These are a great way to pass out those small holiday gifts for friends or other people you want to celebrate with a small gift.

Glitter Reindeer Silhouette Canvas

Oh, my little one loves everything glitter, and the holidays is the perfect time to have lots of sparkly decorations. I love this adorable reindeer canvas and would let my kiddo help with the glitter. I really want to make this one now!

Reindeer Bookmarks

This is a fun way to make your bookmark festive or even decorate a book as a gift. How sweet is that little reindeer? The folding looks fairly simple, so even younger kids could help make it.

Family Of Reindeer


How fun is it to transform your entire family into reindeer? You could even make an adorable holiday reindeer family tree!

Pencil Toppers


Grab some brown chenille stems and twist away! These fun reindeer make sweet gifts on top of candy canes or holiday pencils!

R Is For Reindeer


How sweet is this reindeer craft designed for young kids learning the alphabet! R is for reindeer for sure!

Reindeer Mason Jar Decoration


If you want some festive décor, this cheap and easy reindeer mason jar is adorable! Attach a mason jar to a candlestick with very strong glue, then paint away!

Fingerprint Reindeer

Once you know how to make  reindeer out of fingerprints, you can put them on almost anything! Make a canvas, put them on an ornament or make a cute custom Christmas apron using this fun craft technique!

So which of these reindeer crafts do you want to try? I am so in love with the glitter reindeer canvas for my house, and I know my kiddo will love making the krinkle paper reindeer. Tell me your favorites in the comments!

19 thoughts on “9 Adorable Reindeer Crafts That Will Make You Say Fa La La”

  1. So super cute! I love reindeers so any crafts that have to do with reindeer I’m all about trying out with my kiddos! These all look so fun!

  2. I am in love with all these Reindeer Craft ideas that look quiet adorable and easy to do as well. It is fun to do such craft works with kids aside and those Bookmarks, Pencil Toppers & Mason Jar are the best ones!

  3. OH my goodness, how do even pick a favorite? I do love felt though. It’s super easy for the kids to work with and the projects usually turn out nice.

  4. That’s all so cute! I remember preparing different activities for the twins during the Holidays when they were little. Seeing these made me miss those moments!

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