Play All Day Elmo: This Holiday’s Hottest Toy for Kids!


Play All Day Elmo is the newest Elmo interactive learning toy from Hasbro, and is bound to be on many holiday wish lists this upcoming season!  Some of my fondest memories as a child are of getting up early and watching Sesame Street, waiting to see my favourite little red friend, Elmo.  Who doesn’t love Elmo?  I have continued to love him over the years.  Elmo has always been a loveable character who is always finding new ways to help kids learn.

Play All Day Elmo: Full of Fun Features Your Child Will Adore

Play All Day Elmo is soft and very huggable so your child can carry him around wherever he goes, learning and playing at the same time You wouldn’t know that Play All Day Elmo is full of technology.  While your child plays with Elmo, he has more than 150 responses!  How cool is that?  I have not come across a toy yet that has that many responses to your child while they play.


Play All Day Elmo promises to be one of the hottest toys for kids this holiday season. Check out what all the fuss is about & add him to your list now!
Play All Day Elmo will grow with your child from toddlerhood through preschool with his 2 modes.  When you want Elmo to wake up just squeeze his nose.  In toddler mode, Elmo will kiss your child’s cheek (how sweet!)  By using a switch in the back, you can switch it to preschool mode, where Elmo will suggest games to play, like Red Light Green Light.  He can actually sense if your child is moving on the green and stopping on the red.  But how?

Elmo is equipped with a small light sensor that allows him to know when your child is moving.  Elmo knows when he is upside down and being tossed around and he makes crazy noises accordingly!  I love the idea that my child can interact with Elmo.  Let’s be honest, you know you are going to have fun with him too.  You will be amazed at how much Elmo can interact. He has 8 fun games and activities that your kids will love.  Play freeze dance with him, and as long as you are holding him, he will know whether you actually freeze.

Play All Day Elmo promises to be one of the hottest toys for kids this holiday season. Check out what all the fuss is about & add him to your list now!
We all know how our kids love their toys and get upset when it’s time for bed and they have to be put away.  You can allow your child to take Elmo to bed, like you would any other stuffed toy.  He can even help your child get to sleep!  Squeeze his nose, and he will start to play gentle lullabies.  Squeeze it again and the lullabies get a little softer, and then Elmo falls asleep, encouraging your child to do the same.

PAD Elmo

Be prepared for your child to add Elmo to their holiday wish list!  Play All Day Elmo just might be the hottest toy this holiday season.

Check out the Hasbro website to learn more of what Play All Day Elmo can do with your child.



Although this post has been generously sponsored by Hasbro Canada, the opinions and language are my own.





54 thoughts on “Play All Day Elmo: This Holiday’s Hottest Toy for Kids!”

  1. We love the Play All Day Elmo well my youngest and I do… the older two kinda run away. It’s so cute and she loves to give him kisses and make him clap his hands.

  2. He’s so stinkin’ cute! Elmo has been around for so long, and continues to be such a popular toy. I’ll have to check with my sister to see if my nieces are still into him!

  3. I remember having an Elmo when I was younger. Elmo will always be a number one gift, I think! I have at least one person on my list this season, that this would make an awesome gift for : )!

  4. I received a play all day Elmo through crowdtap for free and it is being enjoyed to the fullest. With over 150 response it never gets old.

  5. Elno is one of my most loved characters. He is so adorable and the girls love him too! This would have been a nice gift for them when they were little.

  6. I have always loved Elmo! I am glad to see that they have come out with new Elmo toys. I had the Tickle Me Elmo for my son when he was a baby. He loved that thing!

  7. My husband just saw the commercial for Play All Day Elmo on TV last night and now he wants to get one for my niece for Christmas. I wonder if they will be available when we are shopping!

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