Five Fantastic Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Holidays

We’re sharing a few of our favorite last-minute gift ideas with you! While the post contains affiliate links, we only recommend items that we’d buy ourselves.


With Christmas Eve just a week away, you’re running out of time to finish up your shopping! I don’t mean to pressure you here, but we’re in  “last-minute gift ideas” territory here. Unless you want to pay a bundle for shipping (or unless you have Amazon Prime), the window for ordering online has pretty much just slammed shut. Trust me, I feel your pain. I dilly-dallied around on ordering a few personalized gifts and made it in one day AFTER the deadline. Just crossing my fingers hoping it still somehow manages to get here in time! Feeling a little stressed over finding great last-minute gift ideas? Take a look at these!

Five Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Gift Cards

Yes, it’s a total cop-out, but hey, who doesn’t love gift cards? The key to making gift cards truly great last-minute gift ideas is to think outside the proverbial box. Sure, the old stand-by cards like Amazon and Visa gift cards are great. They don’t really scream originality though, do they? Instead, get a gift card that says you really know the recipient. Does he love running? How about a Reebok gift card?

The Gift of Knowledge

Has your mom always wanted to learn cake decorating skills? Your husband looking to improve photography? Craftsy offers tons of different online classes for everything from baking to knitting and more!  You can Gift Any Craftsy Class for $30. Classes include online videos and downloadable materials. Your recipients can watch the classes on their own schedule.


As much as I rebelled against it at first, I’ve come to love e-books over the last two years. While they’re never going to completely replace printed books in my heart, they do make great last-minute gift ideas. Especially if your recipient just received a brand new Kindle Fire! It’s easy to gift ebooks from Amazon. Your recipient can wake up to a stocked library on Christmas morning!

Homemade Gift Baskets

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No time left to order a custom gift basket? Make it yourself! The great things about gift baskets as last-minute gift ideas is that you can get almost everything you need at the grocery store. For example, if you’re shopping for a coffee fanatic, fill up the basket with a selection of regular and flavored coffees, a bit of high-end candy and maybe some biscotti. Movie fans will love popcorn, candy and printed certificates for Redbox rentals. Anything can go into a gift basket as long as you don’t forget the pretty red bow! Check out our handmade gift basket ideas for more tips!


Need last-minute gift ideas for a tight budget? How about giving the gift of your time? Offer to cook a gourmet meal for a busy friend. Give “IOU” babysitting cards so your brother and his wife can have a night on the town. Never underestimate the value of time. I would be thrilled to have even an extra hour a week of time to myself. Especially after an insanely busy season.

Do you have any other great last-minute gift ideas? Please share them, we’re all getting a little panicky with the holidays getting so close!

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