How to childproof a Christmas tree

Christmas time is an exciting time and the whole family joins in decorating the Christmas tree. For every small child, the Christmas tree is one of the main attractions and opening the presents  under the tree is one of the favorite parts of the holiday season. Every year, thousands of those trees are bought and sold. You can find a huge variety in the market in natural as well as artificial tress. Those sparkling tinsel pieces, twinkling lights and shiny bulbs seem irresistible to a child. But before you go ahead and just bring  any Christmas tree in your home or start decorating it, it is essential make it child proof and completely safe for the kids.


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Tips to Childproof a Christmas Tree

You really have to be very careful if you have infants and toddlers in the home.  As crawling babies and toddlers get easily fascinated by all those lights and decorations, it is essential to keep an eye on them. They will try to reach those lights and shiny ornament and try to pull at them. It is best to keep a grown up with them all the time or keep them under you eyes all the time.

Christmas trees holds little risks for infants 6 months and younger as they are not that mobile. But make sure to place their crib away from the Christmas tree.

  • The first step is to pick the right kind of tree keeping in mind the age group of kids. With very small kids and toddlers, artificial Christmas trees are the best choice as they don’t shed any needles. The tree can be small and mounted at a higher surface. Find the right spot and start decorations there. It is a mistake to place the tree in the center of the room as it is not safe for the kids. Look for a right corner. You can even surround the area with baby gates.
  • We are proud of those ornaments and lights on the tree but it s best to keep them simple if you have younger kids at home. Avoid using those fragile and breakable ornaments. There could be other creative ways to decorate the tree and kept it safe too for the kids. For example, one can choose plastic ornaments that don’t shed any trimmings or glitter. These ornaments should be tied securely to the tree branches and avoid decorating the lower branches that are well within the reach of children.
  • Make sure that the Christmas tree is very securely mounted and fixed firmly to the floor. It is possible the older kids may be able to pull the tree down if tugging at those ornaments. There are more than 200 fires every year in US due to Christmas tree. Follow the genial safety tips to avoid any electrical fires. Make sure those eclectic connections are fast and secure. Any loose cords should be taped and covered properly. Keep the decorations simple and few for the complete safety of the kids.

Just follow the above bask precautions and your family will have a time around that beautiful Christmas tree in your living room this festive season.

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16 thoughts on “How to childproof a Christmas tree”

  1. great suggestions. we (by we i mean my husband) actually screwed our tree stand INTO a large, heavy plywood box and then we screwed 2 hooks into studs in the wall and put a thin rope to hold the top of the tree in place, when our kids were little. christmas trees can be scary with wee ones around!

  2. For many years, our tree has only been decorated halfway up. The bottom half was bare because of toddlers and/or pets. Hopefully this year we’ll be able to enjoy it fully decorated with no mishaps!

  3. With my 9 month old all over the place I definitely need to consider fencing in our tree. We don’t have glass ornaments but I’m concerned she will pull it onto herself.

  4. I have to do this because of my cat! Any ornaments near the bottom are fair game for playing with; especially ball shapes! With a baby on the way, I was thinking about making a few felt ornaments for the bottom half every year until they are old enough. :)

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