Gift Ideas For Your Tech-Loving Teens


Today most teens are into something in the technology world, and here are our top picks for Gift Ideas For Techy Teens!  Not only are these full of the latest hot items in electronics,

Today most teens are into something in the technology world, and here are our top picks for Gift Ideas For Techy Teens!  Not only are these full of the latest hot items in electronics, but fun gadgets kids can enjoy playing with and learning from.  Invest in your kids tech desires this year with one of these great gift ideas!

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Apple iPhone 5s:  The latest in Apple phone products, this is one that all the cool kids are buying right now.  If Apple iOs is your preference, don’t miss out on this great phone for your techy teen.

iPhone 5s

Samsung Galaxy S5:  For the Android lover, the Galaxy is a great choice.  Improved HD video, great slim line design and of course all of the favorite Samsung features will make this a favorite in your home.

Samsung Galaxy s5

Samsung F90 Black Camcorder:  While smart phones offer great video, there is something to be said about the upgrade to a real camcorder.  For your budding videogrpaher or actress, this camcorder is a great gift.  Set them on their way toward becoming a hot film maker with this gift!

Samsung F90 Camcorder

Apple iPad Air:  The ultimate in tablets, this is the ideal gift for an Apple product fan.  Not only can they do everything from browsing social media to playing games, it is a great platform for game development, school projects and more!

Apple iPad Air

Luxury SmartWatch Blue Tooth Wrist Watch:  This great watch easily connects as a bluetooth device.  Perfect for using while exercising, traveling and more!  A fun cool tech gadget every teen would love to have!

Blutetooth SmartWatch WristWatch

Beats By Dre:  These popular noise canceling headphones are still as popular this year as last.  Every kid wants them, and these are great for your music lover.  Not only do they keep you from hearing the loud music they have chosen, they help them be able to enjoy listening even more!

Beats By Dre

HP Pavillion Touch Screen Laptop:  All the bells and whistles you need and want in a laptop, plus the awesome touch screen features you love in your tablet.  Great quality with the HP name makes this a shoe in on your list!

HP Pavillion Touch Screen Laptop

Go Pro Action Camera:  This is perfect for the teen who likes to be adventures and document it!  Waterproof, great solid case makes this handy for any adventure.  Strap on for your next surfing adventure, or take with you on that hike up the mountain to catch all the great footage along the way.

Go Pro Hero Camera

These great gift ideas for techy teens are sure to help you bring tons of smiles to your kids faces this year.  Not only are they awesome quality, they are just in line with what is popular with kids today!  Be the fun parent and splurge a bit on one of these excellent gift ideas!

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13 thoughts on “Gift Ideas For Your Tech-Loving Teens”

  1. I would recommend looking at SOL REPUBLIC also for headphones rather than Beats. Not that Beats aren’t good, but you get more for your money with SOL.

  2. I love all things tech. Oh to have a money tree! I would love to get a new cell phone. I thought I would like the one I have but miss my old brand.

    I have been coveting those smart watches too. I used to watch Knight Rider as a kid so it would be cool to pretend to call for KITT to come and rescue me.

  3. I am just starting to think about xmas shopping.
    I would like to do something fun/creative for my teen this year (he usually wants cash)
    I think he would enjoy the beats headphones (he is an avid gamer.)

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