Friskies Pull ’n Play Combo Pack: The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Gift for Cats! + Giveaway (US)

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I love picking up holiday presents for my feline friends. They bring me so much joy all year long, so I want to make sure they feel included in all the festivities. This holiday season, treat your kitties to a surprise that’s both fun to play with and tasty to eat!  Friskies Pull ’n Play Combo Pack  is like three gifts in one, making it the perfect stocking stuffer gift for cats! friskies-pull-n-play-combo-pack-the-ultimate-stocking-stuffer-gift-for-cats

This year, I have two new little ones celebrating the holidays for the first time! Both are rescues. Zoe came from an abandoned cat that my boyfriend fostered. Alex is only 8 weeks and still recovering from losing his mama. He was a feral that lived outside my house, and the first feral to ever try to get inside. We took him to the vet to get proper care (he has a cold and some eye thing going on), then brought him in. He acts like he’s lived here forever. Christmas with two kittens should be VERY interesting!

Friskies Pull ’n Play Combo Pack Stocking Stuffer Gift for Cats

I’m really hoping that playing with Wobbert, the cool interactive toy that comes with the Friskies Pull ’n Play Combo Pack, will distract them from the shiny tree! Alex doesn’t really understand how to play yet. He just spent weeks learning how to simply survive. Zoe is teaching him though! She’s the master of play. I’ve never had a cat quite like Zoe. She absolutely LOVES everything you give her. Every toy is simply the coolest thing she’s ever seen. friskies-pull-n-play-combo-pack-the-ultimate-stocking-stuffer-gift-for-cats Just how is the Friskies Pull ’n Play Combo Pack like three gifts in one? First, it’s a fun interactive toy! Wobbert’s wobbly base sends him spinning and wobbling around when your cat bats at him. Put Friskies Party Mix  treats in his body and they’ll fall out the little hole in his side when your cat hits him! friskies-pull-n-play-combo-pack-the-ultimate-stocking-stuffer-gift-for-cats Then, stick the first ever edible string treat in Wobbert’s head. Your kitty can bat the string, munch on them or both! The string treats come in three flavors:

  • Chicken & Cheese Flavor
  • Salmon & Shrimp Flavor
  • Tuna & Crab Flavor

Zoe had fun playing with Wobbert. She insisted on taking him over to her tunnel and  batting at him from inside because she likes to make things challenging for me picture-wise, but she really liked playing with the string treats the best. friskies-pull-n-play-combo-pack-the-ultimate-stocking-stuffer-gift-for-cats My cat Prue really liked the string treats on their own. She’s older and not as playful anymore. She can’t eat hard treats due to dental issues, so the I love that the string treats are also sold separately. I can refill Wobbert AND offer them to Prue on their own.

Friskies Pull ‘n Play Combo Packs are sold at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Petsmart and other online and instore retailers. Visit Friskies Pull ’n Play to learn more and find a retailer near you!

Friskies Pull ’n Play Combo Pack Giveaway


Enter below for your chance to win one of 2 holiday prize packs! Each kit includes the Wobbert toy, Party Mix treats, Edible Strings, and Collar, all in a festive Christmas stocking! Giveaway is open to US residents age 18+ and ends on December 10th


Has you cat been naughty or nice this year? Did you bring any new feline friends home? Tell us in the comments!


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74 thoughts on “Friskies Pull ’n Play Combo Pack: The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Gift for Cats! + Giveaway (US)”

  1. I have five cats, Diamond has been excellent (shes 10)
    Franky-lou has been okay! he’s also 10
    Patchleigh is 8..shes been naughty!
    Raiden and Asa are 5, naughty!

  2. i suppose they have been nice since they haven’t really been naughty. they do get into things they’re not supposed to though!

  3. Oh our little “princess” definitely has naughty and nice in her. It always depends on the day! But we love her for it. And she’ll still get Christmas presents no matter what! We love our little fur baby. 🙂

  4. Missy Cat has been a bit more naughty than she has been nice this year it seems. There have been more than I care to count dead rats/mice./birds in our yard.

  5. Our cat is a shelter cat and has been with us for almost 5 months. While she is naughty and always into something, she is the most loveable little lady ever!

  6. Both of my kitties have been good this year.
    Mr A, (a grumpy, solitary, old man cat – previously a stray), has welcomed a mischievous, cheeky, little homeless kitten (Micha) into his home with immense patience and tolerance. He has also been battling a long term health condition and frequent vet trips with bravery and stoicism.
    Micha has gone from a petrified, homeless, 12 week old with a broken tail to a confident, affectionate and mischievous young lady cat. She recently had a bit of a mishap with a vehicle but has fought through and continues to make laugh.

    Both have been through the wars but both continue to make laugh and show us affection.

  7. I have a few cats and they have all been a little naughty. They haven’t made many friends this year because they enjoy hanging out around the neighborhood bird feeders..

  8. My cat has been both naughty and nice this year. Nice in that she cuddles with the entire family. Naughty in that she chases the three dogs around the house!

  9. My cat has been both naughty and nice. She’s killed a couple of birds in the last month; that’s the naughty. The nice is that she’s a very nice companion animal.

  10. My baby had to be put to sleep do to cancer, but a blessing came when I was able to adopt two grown cats flower and Ti, they both are still adjusting but are doing super, they even let me pick them up now and give them hugs and kisses 🙂 so I would put them on the good list 🙂

  11. Our is naughty and nice. She likes to rip the toilet paper roll apart and is nice when she is playing with her toys.

  12. My kitties are on the nice list this year, they have been very well behaved and super good with my baby. I would love to get them this toy!

  13. My kitty is a very good cat. She is snuggly and goes outside to use the bathroom. She is naughty because she fights with all the neighbor cats

  14. My cats are always naughty–tearing up paper, knocking over glasses, drinking from the toilet, etc. But we love them 🙂

  15. Our cat Peaches has been very nice this year (for the most part) – and she would like you to know that if she wins this prize she will redouble her efforts not to play-swipe at the dog from under the bed as he passes by. 🙂

  16. One of our cats passed away just this month. The remaining sister has been so nice this year, especially through this ordeal. She has mourned in her own way, becoming clingy to her humans and extremely well-behaved. I wonder how long it will last. In any event, she could really use this treat! Thanks for the chance.

  17. I have 2 cats Amy is sweet and nice, and Squeaky can be a little naughty. I bet he would be nicer if he won this great prize

  18. My cat Audrey has been very naughty. She’s a Maine Coone, so she’s a complete sweetheart who doesn’t understand she’s a big cat. My wicker TV stand has been utterly destroyed by her paws (I have several scratchers around the house, sisal and cardboard but they are just not up to her standards I guess).

    The other morning though, it was quite cute and sad – her favorite toy, like so many cats, is the laser pen – and I caught her staring at the red light on the turned-off television. She wasn’t hitting it. She was just sitting there, waiting. Made me feel so bad because I had just woken up and who knows how long she was staring at it in anticipation. Oh, long comment! I guess I could talk about my cats forever. 🙂

  19. I have two cats. Licorice is is the male. He has been nice. Cali Girl is obviously the female. She has been naughty. Cali Girl loves to hiss and attack Licorice for no reason. Licorice is such a goofy talkative cat. I love both fairly the same. Both are mama’s babies.

  20. My cat rocket has been nice this year, he grabs the dogs and holds them by the collar while he licks them clean, never gives a problem getting in his carrier (he actually climbs in on his own) and likes to follow me on walks but I don’t let him in fear he’ll get lost or hurt.

  21. Ah how awesome. I would love to do this for my 3 kitties. They’d for sure be loving it. I’m awful I’ve never gotten my pets anything for Christmas. 🙁

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