Essential Bakeware You Need for the Holidays


With this list of essential bakeware you need for the holidays,  you can whip up just about anything for the season, from simple sugar cookies to incredibly rich and complicated 12-course dinners! A well-stocked kitchen doesn’t have to be full of clutter. Just having the basics on hand can take you a long way.

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Essential Bakeware You Need for the Holidays

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Stand mixer- Tackling all those holiday baking projects will be much easier with a stand mixer. This piece of equipment will be your lifeline to make everything from frosting to cookies to cakes to pie crust to whipped cream.

Nonstick bakeware set– You need to have a good bakeware set to handle the school holiday bake sale, the holiday office party and the family Christmas party at Aunt Edna’s house. The set should include a cake pan, a cookie sheet and a muffin pan. Be sure you choose a set that is nonstick because with all that baking, nonstick will save you tons of time in the kitchen.

Cooling racks– Making three batches of dad’s favorite cranberry cookies, two batches of oatmeal cookies for the PTA holiday meeting and two batches of hubby’s favorite chocolate chip cookies is going to need some cooling racks to get the job done. These racks allow you to bake in large batches with ample room for cooling.

Nonstick loaf pans– If you are like most people, you bake lots of different kinds of loaf breads for parties and gifts. Choose loaf pans that are nonstick and made from heavy duty metal. Nonstick loaf pans allow for easy release so you can bake several delicious breads, one after the other.

Cookbooks– Cookbooks are an essential part of holiday baking. They provide you with new ideas you may not have thought of before. Christmas Baking: Fun and Delicious Holiday Treats by author Mia Ohm features 38 recipes for holiday treats like truffles, tarts, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candies and breads. Rose’s Christmas Cookies by author Rose Levy Beranbaum contains 60 mouthwatering recipes along with color photographs for each recipe. Some of the tasty recipes include Maple Macadamia Bars, Praline Truffle Cups and Christmas Wreath Cookies.

Remember, you don’t need to fill your kitchen with hundreds of different bakeware items to make great food! Just get these basics and you’ll be good to go!

What would you add to a list of essential bakeware you need for the holidays? Tell us in the comments if there is some gadget or item you just can’t bake without!

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  1. It’s always helpful to have extra bake wear on Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s hard to cook multiple things at once when your working with the bare minimum gear.

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