A Different Christmas Cookie Recipe for kids


Today we’re sharing one of our favorite new easy Christmas recipes for kids, but first, a story about how they came to be! Our first snow fall happened last Sunday. My daughter was so excited that she went outside and built her first snowman of the season. She wanted a dancing snowman. Doesn’t it look like a dancing one?


Then when she got inside, she said: Where are my Christmas cookies? We are weeks away from Christmas and she is asking for Christmas cookies? But for her, first snowfall equals Christmas and cookies. I did not have any cookie batter nor the strength to make one. I was battling a nasty flu and did not have the courage to try baking in that condition. But I had a leftover crepe from the morning breakfast and thought she would have fun turning it into a fruit Christmas cookie recipe. The thing with kids is to get creative and think outside the box. My daughter did not care much as long as it looked like Christmas cookies. Besides she was excited to decorate her own look-alike cookies. Let’s see what she did.

Easy Christmas Recipes for Kids: A New Take on Christmas Cookies

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Make it


The following fruit Christmas cookies were decorated by my daughter. I did not do a thing. I provided her with the ingredients and the crepe. I wanted her to have fun. It was also a great way to keep her busy on those sometimes boring Sunday mornings. I wasn’t in any shape to take her for a walk and didn’t want her watching TV all day. So this Christmas activity was a great one.

  • With cookie cutter, cut Christmas-shaped cookies. With one crepe, she managed to make an angel, a cane and a snowman


  • Put the cookies in a nice serving plate
  • She sprinkled them with coconuts. She said it will look like snow
  • Then she decorated her Christmas cookies.

Since she was in the mood to make other Christmas food, my daughter wanted to make a fruit Christmas tree. Again, I didn’t help her with the decorations. She did it all by herself. All I did was supervise the activity and make sure she had the ingredients.

Fruit Christmas Tree


You need a Christmas tree plate. I got one at a Dollar store but you can find great deals at Amazon too.


  • Pomegranate
  • Clementine
  • Raisins
  • apples
  • nuts
  • carrots (not a fruit, I know, but my daughter wanted them)

Let your child decorate as he or she wishes.

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What are your favorite easy Christmas recipes for kids? Do your kids love making Christmas cookies with you?


31 thoughts on “A Different Christmas Cookie Recipe for kids”

  1. I love the fruit Christmas tree! So many Christmas treats are bad for you, that it’s nice to see a healthy one.

    And I can’t believe that you got enough snow to build that tall of a snowman – that’s amazing!

  2. Great save mom! These look terrific and I am sure she had a blast decorating them. I’ve never been really good about making cookies I usually make different kinds of candies but these look easy enough I might give them a try!

  3. My Daughter and I used to make Christmas cookies together every year. Then, we did it with my Granddaughters. Since I haven’t been able to do sugar lately, I don’t bake with them.

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