Dining on a Dime: How to Save Money on Food for Your Holiday Dinner

Can you believe the holiday season is here? It seems as though gathering around the dinner table and the holidays go hand in hand, so you can anticipate many holiday dinners and gatherings in your future. If you are wondering how to save money on your holiday dinner, all you need yo do is take a peek below. We have broken down how to save money on your holiday dinner in seven simple steps. You can easily enjoy a dinner full of all of your favorite dishes while still saving some cash at the same time. Take a look!



How to Save Money on Food for Your Holiday Dinner

1. Shop early.
Starting in late October and early November, a variety of holiday meal ingredients will start to be on sale. This includes baking items, canned goods, and dry mixes. Now is the time to stock up on these items, buying enough to last you the entire holiday season. By shopping early you not only get great prices, but avoid the last minute rush and impulse shopping that comes with it.

2. Build meals around inexpensive ingredients.
Try to plan your menu and build your meals around items that don’t cost much to prepare, and can be prepared in a variety of ways. You can easily save money on your holiday dinner by cooking with items such as potatoes and pasta, which can be made into a variety of dishes and only cost you pennies per pound.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
If you are feeding a large crowd, don’t be afraid to ask people to pitch in. Ask guests to bring a favorite dish to share, or a simple and inexpensive side item such as bread or canned vegetables. Chances are they will be happy to help and contribute, and it takes some stress and financial burden off of you.

4. Clip those coupons.
This may seem obvious, but don’t forget to clip those coupons. Sunday papers will be filled with coupons for holiday items, and you will even see some rare coupons for item such as turkey and other meat products. Clip these coupons and ask friends to do the same so you can have plenty on hand.

5. Only cook what you know people will eat.
Sure cranberries are a traditional holiday meal item, but if you know that none of your family really likes them, why waste the money? Even if an item is a traditional dinner staple, if no one will eat it you can easily skip it and save some money on your holiday dinner.

6. Price match.
Keep your eyes peeled on Sunday ads for details on the various sales in your area. Price match the items you need at stores that allow you to do so. This way, you save time, gas, and money! Not sure if your store will price match? Just call!

7. Keep it simple.
Instead of creating tons and tons of dishes, stick to 5 or so family favorites. The simpler you keep it, the more you will save on. Stick to a few basic dishes and one or two dessert choices and you are sure to save money on your holiday dinner.

There you have it! If you have been wondering how to save money on food for your holiday dinner, all you need to do is give these simple steps a try. You will be amazed at what a difference they make. Happy holidays!

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