Christmas Ice Breaker Party Games for Adults


It’s not too early to plan your Christmas party. I find when I plan ahead of time, things go smoother.  Whether you are looking to plan a priceless company Christmas party or your own Christmas mixer at home, there are some creative and fun games you can play to keep things lively without getting too bogged down with rules and regulations. After all, what could be more fun than a group of adults gathered round to play some exciting and easy games at Christmas time?


Fun Christmas Party Games for Adults

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Who am I? –

For this Christmas party game, all you will need is some index cards and tape. To get started, simply write the names of Christmas related characters on the index cards before taping a card to the back of every guest. Names like Rudolph, Santa, The Grinch, Frosty, Scrooge, etc. are all acceptable examples. Next, you’ll need to have everyone walk around the room while instructing them not to mention the character on each other’s back. However, they are to talk to one another as though the person they are conversing with is, in fact, the name they are wearing. The object of the game is to have everyone uncover their “true identity.”

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Sticker Stalking-

All you’ll need for this Christmas party game is a sheet of Christmas stickers for each participating guest. Once the guests begin to arrive at the party, give them each a pack or sheet of 10 Christmas stickers. The object of the game is to get rid of all of your stickers by sticking them on the other guests (one sticker per guest.) BUT, if the guest you are placing the sticker upon catches you, he/she gets to “sticker” you instead. If someone falsely accuses you of “stickering” them, then you can automatically place one of your stickers on that person. The first to rid themselves of all 10 original stickers wins!

Christmas Carol Completions-

For this party game for adults you simply need index cards with incomplete Christmas carol verses on them such as “Dashing through the snow…” with a matching card that says “On a one-horse open sleigh.” Then tape a card to the front of each person arriving at the party. When everyone has arrived and been tagged, instruct the guests to find the partner to complete their sentence or verse. The last couple gets a “booby prize!”

Don’t forget to treat your guests with the following Christmas treats.


Honey Christmas Cookies


A new take on Christmas cookies

These are easy Christmas party games for adults. They will sure keep you entertained and will be a hit among your guests. Which of these Christmas party game ideas would you be playing? Tell me.

15 thoughts on “Christmas Ice Breaker Party Games for Adults”

  1. I love ice breakers for adults! Who am I is my favorite. We once tagged out male boss as Marilyn Monroe, it was a riot! He could not guess it for the longest time.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Digs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  2. Great ideas! Wish we had plans for a get together this Christmas, I think we’ll just be doing the at home with kiddos thing. But I’ll keep these in mind, so great.

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