10 Outstanding Christmas Gift Ideas for Expectant Moms

Looking for a few great Christmas gift ideas for expectant moms? Check out ten outstanding gifts that she’ll absolutely cherish!

Looking for a few great Christmas gift ideas for expectant moms? Check out ten outstanding gifts that she'll absolutely cherish!



Is there a mom-to-be on your Christmas list this year? Whether she is your wife, sister, daughter or best friend, finding the right gift for her just got a whole lot easier. We found ten gifts that any expectant mom would absolutely love! My personal favorite is #7! I got something similar as a gift when I was pregnant during Christmas. It was truly the best gift I got that year…aside from the little being growing in my womb, of course. Let’s check out those gift ideas, shall we?


Christmas Gift Ideas for Expectant Moms

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1. 40 Weeks+: The Essential Pregnancy Organizerchristmas-gift-ideas-for-expectant-moms– This spiral-bound organizer is the perfect size for the expectant mom to take with her anywhere she goes. Between the questionnaires, forms and checklists, she can manage and organize her pregnancy in one spot.

2. Expecting You: A Keepsake Pregnancy Journalchristmas-gift-ideas-for-expectant-moms– With this 144-page, hardcover pregnancy journal, the mom-to-be can express all her experiences, feelings and thoughts. It makes the ideal keepsake for her little bundle of joy.

3. Here Comes Baby Pregnancy Photo Journal Kitchristmas-gift-ideas-for-expectant-moms– From the Carter’s children’s apparel company, this journal kit features a photo insert window on the cover with text that reads- Here Comes Baby! The journal has enough room to fit up to 12 pictures, so mom-to-be can insert phots of her baby bump, as her little one grows inside her. There is also space for her to write down important aspects of her pregnancy journey.

4. Earth Mama Angel Pregnancy Pampering Kit– Pregnant women deserve to be pampered. This kit will provide her with head to toe comfort, with products like organic herbal tea, natural stretch oil, organic herbal balm and postpartum bath herbs.

5. Bare Essentials Pre-Packed Labor & Delivery Bag– Having a prepacked hospital bag means one less thing for the expectant mom to worry about. This ready-to-go bag has everything she will need when labor begins. The bag comes complete with essential items like shampoo, toothpaste, hair ties, deodorant, body wash and Q-tips.

6. Great Expectations Gift Basket for Mom-To-Be– This beautiful arrangement is the perfect gift for any mom-to-be, providing her with the essentials to pamper herself and relax in comfort. The gift basket features an array of spa products and tasty treats, like vanilla milk bubble bath, assorted toffees and yogurt covered pretzels.

7. Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitorchristmas-gift-ideas-for-expectant-moms– This unique gift allows expectant moms to listen to her baby’s heartbeat, kicks and movements. Besides the baby monitor, two sets of earbuds, a splitter and a computer recording cable is also included.

8. Proud Body Basic Pregnancy Belly Cast Kitchristmas-gift-ideas-for-expectant-moms– How cool is a cast of mommy-to-be baby bump? This kit comes with everything she’ll need to make a cast of her baby bump, including casting material, casting lubricant, drop cloth, gloves and full instructions.

9. Love at First Sight Sonogram Framechristmas-gift-ideas-for-expectant-moms– This shadowbox frame is perfect for displaying baby’s first sonogram. The frame can be hung on a wall or displayed on a tabletop. The white frame features the silver-stamped text- Love at First Sight.

10. Baby on Board Maternity T-Shirt– Any expecting mom would love wearing this T-shirt. The T-shirt color is black and features a yellow image and black text that reads- Baby on Board.


As I mentioned above, #7 is my absolute favorite, but I also really love the gift basket ideas. You could add to it with your own little “pregnancy must-haves” and make it a bit more personalized.

What are some of your favorite Christmas gift ideas for expectant moms? Share below!

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