Christmas Games for Kids: Keep them Entertained During Holiday Parties!

If you’re having a holiday party this year, you’ll need some great ideas to keep the kids busy! There is no reason why you cannot throw a party for kids full of games. In fact, kids are really going to enjoy the Christmas party if they knew they have an exciting day to look forward to. You can devise up a number of interactive games that involves all the children in the home. Both you and your kids can enjoy immensely in these games.


Here are a few ideas of Christmas games for kids.

  • If you don’t like to spread items out for games, then have a go at simple Christmas games for kids like “Simon Says.” Make it more Christmas-themed by changing it to “Santa Says.” Want to really go all out? How about adding a Santa hat to the “Santa!” Kids are going to enjoy this new version of the game.
  • Equally enjoyable for the kids is “Snowman Freeze.” Put on some cheery and festive music and when you stop the music, it means they have to freeze like a snowman instantly; the one who moves is out of the game. But don’t forget to hand over a candy or other small treat to the one who lost so that he keeps up his spirit.
  •  If you don’t mind kids running around in your house, then there are many Christmas games for kids that you can host within your home that kids would love. Divide kids into two teams and have fun organizing a relay race. Keeping in view the occasion, use Christmas stockings that are hanging by the mantle, a couple of large bowls filled with candy and a tablespoon. Ask the kids to stand in two rows; each row by the side of one bowl of candies. When the game starts, one kid from each team fills the spoon with candy and then goes to the stocking and fills it coming back with the spoon. As soon as the teammate receives the spoon, he then goes forward with the same exercise filling up the stocking. The team who fills the most number of candies wins.
  • How about a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt? The night before or day of the party, hide different objects- like a candy cane, a stocking, ornaments, and more- throughout the house. When the party starts, give each child a list to check off items as they find them. If you really want to go all out, set it up like the 12 Days of Christmas and use your imagination to fill the list. For example, for the Maids a Milking, use a doll and a stuffed cow! 
  • Christmas games for kids cannot be complete until there is some Christmas music and running around in a race. Host a game of musical chairs by putting on some Christmas song and have children run around the chairs. When the music stops, everyone has to find a seat, the one who is left standing is out of the game and gets an elf hat. The last kid to remain playing is the winner and gets to be the Santa for the rest of the occasion.
  •  Treasure hunt is one of the exciting Christmas games for kids that children of all ages enjoy. Hide tiny homemade Santas and elves around your living room and start the treasure hunting game. The kid who finds a Santa and his three elves first, wins the game.

What’s your favorite Christmas game to play with your kids?

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