5 Inexpensive & Festive Christmas Games for Kids of All Ages

Need some fun Christmas games for kids? These 5 ideas are festive yet inexpensive and perfect for all ages! Check them out!

Are you in charge of planning this year’s holiday party?  Are you in search of fun Christmas games for kids? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The following suggestions are very easy to put into play. Not only are they incredibly fun for everyone from tots to tweens, but they’re also very affordable! In fact, you can use supplies you already have at home for most of these games! Let’s check them out and let the holiday festivities begin!

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5 Awesome Christmas Games for Kids

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Match the Mittens

Match the Mittens is the perfect game for the pre-school set. Cut out large mitten shapes from holiday wrapping paper or old wallpaper sample books. You need two mittens per pattern. Lay all of the mittens out on a table. The object of the game is to see who matches the pairs the fastest.

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Christmas Limbo

Instead of using a traditional limbo stick, for this game, use a piece of a garland or a string of Christmas lights. Turn up the carols and see how low each guest can go. Make the game more challenging by strapping a pillow around the participant’s waist in true Santa Claus style. Check out some of the best Christmas carols for kids to help inspire your playlist!

Mystery Stocking

Fill a holiday stocking with several small mystery gifts. You can use things like crayons, plush animals, wind-up toys, candy, stickers, etc. Pass the stocking around. Allow each child to feel, shake or smell it to try to guess what’s inside. Whenever someone guesses correctly, let them keep that particular prize.

Snowball Relay Race

For this race, you can use either (snowball-sized) Styrofoam balls of balls of white yarn. You’ll also need several tablespoons to carry them in. Divide children into teams. Each person takes a turn balancing the ball on the spoon, all the way across the room. The first team that makes it back and forth wins.

Gift Stacking Game

This is another fun game that is great for pre-schoolers. Gather together lots of empty boxes in various sizes. Wrap them. The object of the game is simple. Award a prize the guest who builds the highest stack, without it tumbling down.

There you have it. Five examples of easy-peasy Christmas games for kids sure to please almost any child. They don’t take much effort to assemble and they won’t put a hole in your wallet. Let the fun begin!

Do you have any favorite Christmas games for kids? Share in the comments!

7 thoughts on “5 Inexpensive & Festive Christmas Games for Kids of All Ages”

  1. These are such cute games for the kids! I remember just laying around during Christmas day just waiting for people to come over. These would have been great!

  2. I can’t believe that we are getting close to Christmas already and it is going to lots of fun all around. These are some wonderful game ideas for kids which are under your budget level. My kids would love the Gift Stacking & Christmas Limbo so much!

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