Choose the Best Christmas Lights On A Dime

Christmas decorations can be expensive. How to find the best cheap Christmas lights

How can you find Amazing yet cheap Christmas lights? Christmas lights are a staple of the holiday that anyone and everyone, regardless of your religious preference, can enjoy.  There are so many choices as well, small bulbs, large bulbs, white, blue, red, multi-colored, string lights, rope lights, net lights and so many more.  You have to make the decision on what kind of lights you need for the area you are lighting. So how can you find the best lights without breaking the bank?  Here are some helpful tips to light up your house without breaking your wallet.

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How to find amazing yet cheap Christmas lights

  1. Dollar Tree: Any store of this nature, where ‘Everything is $1’ is a good place to start.  Keep in mind, these light tend to have a smaller light count, and may not last you til next year.  This is a great purchase for indoor lighting for small areas.
  2. Home Depot: You may not think holiday decor when you think of Home Depot, but they do carry an assortment of Christmas lights!  The Home Accents brand tends to be on the more affordable side, ranging from 100 clear mini lights for $2.50 a box to 300 light clear incandescent lights for about $9.00 a box. Check out the Home Depot website for more variety.
  3. Family Dollar and Dollar General: These stores have Christmas lights on the inexpensive side as well.  While they might be more than $1, you have a better chance at getting a slightly better quality than the dollar stores.  They do have an assortment of indoor and outdoor lighting as well.
  4. Wal-Mart: This store has everything.  This can be a one-stop-shopping experience for all your Christmas decor needs, lights included.  However, the lights are a little more pricey (believe it or not) than Home Depot.  A box of 450 Holiday Time LED Warm White Mini Christmas Lights is $39.98.  That breaks down to about 8 cents a light, where your box of 100 from Home Depot is about 2 cents a light.  You can shop around for yourself at and check out the array of lights they carry.
  5. Discount stores: These are the stores that seem to carry everything from diapers and wipes to the odds and ends and mismatched items that are priced low, and then even discounted.  There are many around the country, and often not a chain store like Family Dollar or Dollar Tree.  Could be your local ‘mom and pop shop’.  Check out your neighboring towns for stores like these, you might just find the diamond in the ruff of Christmas lights!

Christmas lights are a sign of the season.  No matter your religion, we all seem to enjoy seeing a house lit up at night as we drive down the street.  Do you have a favorite store where you get your Christmas lights?  Post below where you shop and share your money saving ideas!

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