4 Very Different Ways to Spend this Christmas

Looking for a few different ways to spend Christmas with your family this year? I hear you.  As much as we love our traditions, sometime you just want to shake things up a bit, right? If the idea of spending another holiday season stressing over everything from decorations to dessert makes you want to pull a Grinch and cancel Christmas, you’ll love these very different and fun ways to spend the holiday!

Looking for a few very different ways to spend Christmas this year! Check out these 4 amazing family vacation ideas!

Traditionally, the holiday season has been reserved as that much-needed family time at the end of a busy year. It’s the one time of year where, for a few weeks, all the worries associated with daily life and work seem to fade into the background and you get to spend time with those that matter most to you. The key words there are “spend time with those who matter.” As long as you’re with the people you love, Christmas can happen anywhere.

Sometimes, it might do you more good to gather up the family and get out of town for the holiday to a tropical destination or an intimate retreat. Maybe even get in a few thrills on the slopes before heading back to your day-to-day life. With that in mind, let’s look at some fantastic ways you can spend this holiday season!

Different Ways to Spend Christmas This Year

1. Explore South East Asia

Didn’t expect that one, did you? Let’s not forget that while most of the north is blanketed in cold, snowy weather, there is whole other hemisphere experiencing the exact opposite weather. In large parts of Southeast Asia, the weather during this period is just right. It comes right after the worst of the rainy monsoon season has passed but is still too early for the stifling heat to settle in a few months later. The rain also ensures that most of these countries will be blanketed in their trademark lush, green, tropical plant growth.


Of special mention here should be Laos and Cambodia. Laos will likely still be a bit rainy in the mornings and evenings but should be relatively sunny during the day. Cambodia is at its driest and sunniest during this time. Both of these countries will be pretty busy during this season but it won’t be anywhere near the deluge of tourists that other hotspots such as Thailand experience. You can expect beautiful beaches, mystical temples, low daily expenses, and interesting food.

2. Luxuriate in the Caribbean

This is a great option for both Americans and the British. For Americans, it’s a tropical and exotic holiday destination right on their doorstep, while Barbados is still so tied to Britain in terms of history and flights that it won’t feel so far removed. Across the region, temperatures tend to hang around in the upper 20°C (about 75-85°F), making it excellent beach vacation weather. Even if you’re not a beach person, the Caribbean islands have so many other fun things to offer.

There is also no shortage of holiday destinations for anyone willing to visit this region. St. Lucia, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Jamaica are known for white, sandy beaches, tropical weather, vibrant nightlife, and bustling street markets. Because of the area’s activity during the colonial and pirate era, it is also an amazing destination for history buffs. Aruba is one of the best options to just kick back and relax. Even in this area, its beaches are highly sought after and are lined by world class resorts. The towns are also filled with recognizable shopping and restaurant brands.

3. Go ski!

In large parts of the Northern hemisphere winter means snow and snow means skiing! There are many reasons why skiing is so popular. The fact that you can really only do it one season out of the year, and even then only in the right place, makes it extra special. It’s also a very age-friendly sport, so it’s equally as great an idea for a group of college friends, a growing family or two lovebirds.


The resorts usually lend themselves well to all types of holidaymakers. A wooden cabin in the snowy mountains can be equally as good as a cozy family hovel or as a lovebirds winter nest. Surprisingly, France consistently takes the top spot for ski resorts in Europe with Switzerland, Austria, and Italy following close behind. If you are in the U.S., though, that doesn’t mean that you need to jump on a long flight. Both Canada, (Whistler) and the U.S. (the Rockies, Aspen) have some of the best skiing destinations in the world.

4. Travel through Eastern Europe

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean it can’t be travel-worthy. Sure, you will need to put on a few extra layers and maybe drink a few more coffees but that doesn’t mean you need to be confined to your home. Some European destinations look absolutely picturesque, as if they were taken straight from out of a fairy tale book during the snowy winter months. Most regions also vigorously celebrate Christmas and New Year  and will provide most of the creature comforts you are used to.

Prague, with its mix of the ultra-modern and immaculately preserved ancient streets, houses, and castles has a little of something for everyone. Germany (and Berlin in particular) provides a healthy and eclectic nightlife and the New Year’s celebrations are considered as one of the best around the world with city-wide parades and celebrations. Switzerland offers much of the same as Prague in terms of picturesque little towns and villages. While you are there, you might also be tempted to visit some of the best ski resorts in the world.

Well, there you have it! I hope this list has inspired you to start booking flights and start packing your bags and spend this holiday season seeing the world. There are few better ways to unwind and start the new year fresh than to treat your eyes and mind to some brand new sites. For more ideas on how to celebrate this festive season, check out Roses Only. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

How are you celebrating Christmas this year? Tell us below!

7 thoughts on “4 Very Different Ways to Spend this Christmas”

  1. I have decided to do things a bit different this year and it has been working out well. We catered Thanksgiving and it was so relaxing, fun, and the food was excellent from a local organic grocery store. I was so stuck on the same old traditions until I got sick but doing the catering allowed us to spend some much needed time together and really enjoy the day. We are going to change things up for Christmas too.

  2. Aw loved this post! I actually did Prague last year for Christmas and it was magical, really cold but so lovely. Prague is such a romantic city too with amazing history!

  3. I love skiing, so fun. And of course traveling during Christmas season is something I can’t resist! Love the ideas you have here. I want to visit Europe.

  4. The Caribbean does sound like a tempting way to spend Christmas although I am a real home bird! I love being at home for Christmas!

  5. I nodded many times as a sign of agree with all the suggestions here. As an alternative I and hubby like to travel to another city within our country in celebrating the Season.

  6. Okay now I’m looking at my traditional Christmas planned and wondering if it’s going to be a bit boring. Now I just have to persuade the rest of the family yo go along with it – not quite so simple!

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