Save a Fortune on School Books by Selling Back Your Old Textbooks!

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Want to learn about how you can sell back school books to save money? Read on! Every year when back to school season rolls around, thinking about spending money on books can be pretty stressful, especially for frugal folks. Books tend to be extremely expensive, and it’s pretty common knowledge that you won’t get even a fraction back of what you paid for them new. Luckily, there are some really great tips regarding how to sell back school books to save money, and you’re in the right place to find them!

How to Sell Back School Books to Save Money

First, you’ll want to check and see how much your school bookstore will give you for them. Typically, this is the lower end of what you can get for your books because the bookstore wants you to sell back school books for as little as possible so they can make a huge profit. It does make sense to check though, just so you have a base price to compare to when you search other places.

Next, search for local bookstores that you can sell back school books to save money, and see if there are any offering any good deals! Some local bookstores buy and sell school books and are generous in their offers. Keep in mind, this doesn’t apply to all, but some of them definitely have great rates!

After that, you’ll want to move your search to online sales! One of the absolute best ways to sell back school books to save money is by selling them online. This also applies to buying school books. Places like Amazon and eBay usually get you the most bang for your buck when you buy and sell back school books to save money!

Keep in mind, that when you sell back school books to save money, you want to make sure you’re maximizing your profit and really getting your worth out of those expensive books. If you decide to list a book online, it may be wise to list slightly lower than the lowest listing, but don’t undercut yourself and sell them for less than they’re worth. It’s still important to try and make back what you lost on them, so keep your prices reasonable. Additionally, don’t undercut the lowest listing by a drastic amount because it hurts other people in the long run. Ultimately, you just want to sell back school books, make enough money to buy your new ones, and possibly have a little extra.

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Where do you look to sell back school books to save money? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Great tip! I always used to do this when I was in school. I would post them on Amazon and Kijiji and also look to sell to my on-campus bookstore.

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