Scholarships For Moms Going Back To School

Scholarships For Moms Going Back To School

There are tons of great Scholarships For Moms Going Back To School.  It may take some time and thorough reading to find what is available in your area and at your school but don’t fear there are always options available for everyone.  We’ve compiled a few tips on how to locate the best scholarships for moms going back to school this year.


CHECK WITH LOCAL ROTARY CLUBS, LIONS CLUBS AND OTHER CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS.  Each year in most communities local service oriented groups will dedicate part of their income toward helping further education.  Some groups will supply scholarships for single moms.  Others will provide for disabled students, students with learning disabilities or just high ranking high school graduates.  When looking for a scholarship to help pay for your college education these are some of the best places to go.

ASK THE COLLEGE FINANCIAL ADVISER FOR A LIST.  While this may seem obvious, many people forget to simply ask.  Often your local college financial adviser will have an extensive list of local community organizations and state foundations that offer scholarships.  Some of them will require a specific grade point average, hours taken or community service but with research you can easily find the ones that apply to your situation.

EMERGE.  This group dedicated to empowering women gives scholarships each year to chosen students.  To apply for a scholarship go here and read the requirements.

YOUR PARENTS ALMA MATER.  While it is rare, there are instances where students will receive a significant discount in their tuition if a parent graduated from the same school.  This doesn’t just apply to new high school graduates but any student at any age.  Ask your college counselor if there is any such rate or discount for you if you plan attending your parents Alma mater.

ONLINE COLLEGES. now provides an annual sum of $10,000 allotted toward scholarships for single parents.  Check the site for full information on what it takes to qualify for one of their scholarships for moms going back to school.

STATE LOTTERY PROGRAMS.  Does your state have a lottery program in place?  If so they may be using some of those funds to provide scholarships for education purposes.  Check with the state lottery website to see if you qualify for any of the scholarships they are offering this year.

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN.  This organization provides women of all ages with scholarships reaching over 4 million dollars annually.  Check the AAUW site for information on how to qualify and apply today.

While there are literally thousands of scholarships for moms going back to school each year, your best bet is to look to the school you are attending for their information on local opportunities.  Apply for as many as you can locate that you would qualify for and be surprised to quickly find your college education completely paid for thanks to the scholarship opportunities you have found.

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  1. My nephew’s wife just got an amazing scholarship. She’s a new mom and so we were very happy for her. A college degree could help later down the line, for sure.

  2. Education is so valuable no matter what your age or stage in life is. It is great that these are offered to encourage these moms’ success.

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