OCM Helps Your College Student Adjust to Dorm Life


Adjusting to life as a college student can be quite a challenge, especially for kids who are moving away from home for the first time. There are just so many new changes to take in! From learning to live with a stranger to setting up a dorm room so it’s comfortable; from fending for yourself for meals to washing your own laundry, college can definitely be overwhelming at first. That doesn’t even take into account all the classes! OCM helps make it easier for college students to adjust to their new life by providing the tools for everything from choosing the right dorm bedding before arriving to proudly displaying that degree after graduation!


OCM Helps Your Child Adjust to College Life

Who is OCM?

That’s a tough question to answer, because OCM is really so many things! While the acronym “OCM” technically stands for Our Campus Market, OCM as a company stands for supporting college students through their entire journey, from the very first days through that proud moment when the stand on the state to receive their degree.

OCM started with one great idea at Trenton University in New Jersey and one small company in Maryland. In 1981 in New Jersey, members of the residence hall staff came up with the brilliant idea to give parents a way to provide care packages to their students during final exams. Many students spend this time cramming for those major tests and tend to neglect their health! The care packages were the perfect way for parents to remind their kids how much they care about them and believe in their ability to succeed. The idea took off like wildfire! That small company was named Campus Fund Raisers.

In Maryland, also during the 1980s, On Campus Marketing came up with a great solution to help parents provide all the basic necessities to get their college student set up in a new dorm room. This included rugs, bedding, curtains and more. The two companies helped each other out, as each was targeting a different time of the year. In 2000, they merged into OCM! Now, they are able to help college students all year round!

Programs offered by OCM

OCM provides a wide range of programs. These include:

  • Residence Hall Linens and Carpets, which sells a wide range of stylish and practical linens, organizational products and more. Having a comfortable, personalized space can help students feel more at home in their dorms, which increases their chances of success.
  • Care packages and gift baskets.  Send care packages to your college student during exams, holidays and more. Not only is a great way to support your student, it gives you peace of mind that your child is getting at least some nutrition and comfort during exam time!
  • Our Campus Market. The market provides just about anything your college student could need during their time away from home! From mini-fridges to wall art to lockboxes, if they need it, Our Campus Market most likely has it!
  • Campus Backup Service. Do you have any idea how devastating it is to work on a paper for weeks, only to have it vanish in a computer crash? Believe me, it’s not fun! Campus Backup Service scans your student’s computer for new changes every night and automatically backs it up to a secure server.
  • Graduations Diploma Display. After four or more years of hard work, your student deserves to show off that diploma in style! Give him a gorgeous diploma frame to commemorate the moment!

OCM really does offer just about everything your student needs to adjust to the campus and college lifestyle. Connect with OCM on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their news!


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  1. What a great idea. My son’s schools did the care package thing, but I don’t remember any of these other services. Of course when I went away to college nobody thought of doing any of this.

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