7 Must-Have Gear For College Freshmen That You Might Be Forgetting

Heading off to university but don’t know what to bring beyond the basics? We’ve gathered up seven must-have gear for college freshmen, and I bet there are at least a few on the list that you’re forgetting!

Heading off to university but don’t know what to bring beyond the basics? Check out 7 must-have gear college freshmen!

If you’re getting ready to go off to college (or a parent sending your teen off), you probably know all of the basics that you’ll need. Bedding for your tiny new bed (seriously, do those beds even qualify as twins?), backpacks, binders, notebooks, pens and pencils. Oh the pens and pencils! You have them in every color, size, and shape. Just in case. You’ve even thought of the college freshmen life-sustaining necessities: food, water, and coffee. Still, I’m betting you didn’t think of everything! Are these must-have gear on your list?

Must-Have Gear for College Freshmen

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1. Dasein Faux Leather Drawstring Accent Backpack with Side Pockets



A backpack that doubles as a bag is a win-win, and this option fits the bill. With multiple color options, this backpack is chic and functional to the last detail. Features plenty of pockets so your essentials are always within reach!

2. Jam (HX-HP425) Transit Wireless Headphones



You’ll be spending a ton of time walking to and from classes! The commute to class will be infinitely better with a pair of quality headphones in tow. This wireless option integrates seamlessly with all of your devices so you’ll always stay connected.

3. TrackR Bravo Tracking Device



Keep tabs on your student ID, phone, and with this handy tracking device. The connected app shows the distance between you and the item in question, and even finds your phone when it’s on silent mode.

4. iCharge Bed Table

iCharge Bed Table in Black

Study for that big test while lounging in bed. All your notes on your tablet? No problem! Keep it charged with the built-in ports. Charge your smartphone, Android devices and more! I have one of these babies (or something like it) and I can’t even tell you how handy it is.

5. Studio 3B 4-Piece USB Bed Lift Set

Studio 3B? 4-Piece USB Bed Lift Set

Isn’t this brilliant? Dorm rooms are tiny, so take advantage of all that wasted space AND put your outlets and charging stations closer to where you actually use them with these clever bed risers!

6. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot in Black (2nd Generation)

If you get just one thing on this list, make it the Echo Dot! My son has one and he loves it. Play music with it (an Echo-only Music Unlimited plan is just $3.99 a month), use it as an alarm clock, get the weather and SO much more. It’ll become your new best friend, trust me!

7. Bedgear Fusion Performance Backrest

Bedgear� Fusion Performance Backrest in Grey/Coral

If you plan to spend a lot of time sitting in your bed reading or studying, you need a back rest. Sure, you can stack up a bunch of pillows, but this one actually contours to the shape of your body. Plus it has handy side pockets for things like remotes, your phone and other necessities.

With these college freshmen essentials, that first semester in a new dorm room away from home won’t be so daunting! Make sure you also take along plenty of coins for laundry, and stock up on healthy snacks now so you’re not tempted to use those coins to grab candy from a vending machine.

Can you think of any other essentials that college freshmen need? Share below!

16 thoughts on “7 Must-Have Gear For College Freshmen That You Might Be Forgetting”

  1. We just dropped my oldest daughter off at college today. I love those bed risers with built in USB. I might need to get her some of these.

  2. The bed table can definitely come in handy. I love mine! The tracking device is really neat too. That would be a great gift for someone going off to college.

  3. That lap desk with the charger in it is genius!!! Like a modern version of a 2000’s lap desk LOL! Genius, I need to check these out for my sister!

  4. This looks like a fantastic collection for freshmen to take to school with them. I am dreading that day, oh my I think my daughter will have to live with me forever!

  5. You have some good suggestions there. That charging table would even make a gift for folks that work at home or from home.

  6. I love that icharge bed table! This is perfect for students – and people like me who like to work in bed lol!

  7. Every single one of these items would be so useful to a college student. I am thinking I need that icharge table for myself.

  8. Jen At Dapperhouse

    My college aged son loses his keys and wallet at least twice a week. It drives me CRAZY that he cant learn to put them in the same place all the time…but now I dont have to give it another thought with the trackers!

  9. I don’t have kids going off to college yet (thank goodness!) but it’s always good to see what is recommended. We’ll see what changes by the time mine are ready to go off.

  10. These are all luxury items that my son can get for himself if he wants them. His dad and I get him the necessities 🙂

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