Keep Your Family Organized with Back to School Bulletin Boards

Keep your whole family organized in style with these spectacular back to school bulletin boards and command centers! Track appointments, activities and more.

It is getting to be that time of year again, the kids go back to school and this year you want to be organized and have a bulletin board.  Life would be blissful, everything would be organized and everyone would get along swimmingly and the kids would never fight.  Back to reality!  I know an organized back to school bulletin board can’t make all that come true but a girl can dream right?   There are so many ideas out there, it can get overwhelming.  I took the liberty of choosing a few for you that I like and also left you the links for easy access!

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Back to School Bulletin Boards

All-in-one command center: I absolutely love this board!  It is the epitome of what I need in my life.  It is more than just an organizing station for school, she has a spot for the weekly menu too!  (If I could only get my life together enough to do this, I would feel complete!)  I am in love with the wood background as well, so natural looking!  She has a photo of her original with a chevron backing, which I also like, but she seems to be over.  You can make the board match your kitchen or wherever  you decide to put this.  Have fun with it!


The first and last stop: She has so many awesome ideas here, I got lost in creative heaven.  Have you ever thought of having a spot above where the kids hang their backpacks, post a calendar for the current month, as well as for the next month?  Well I haven’t (I’m a fairly new mom, bear with me).  Add to this area a clock (so you can know just exactly how late you are running).  Also, give each child a spot to place important paperwork, so after you sign it or read it, you can place it there and they can place it back in their backpack before leaving for school (it is a win win, you aren’t having to make sure it gets back in their bag and they are learning to be responsible).  Add a bench to this area so everyone can sit and put their shoes on, because they are going to be left right in this area as well! (underneath the bench of course).

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Individual space: I love this idea for those of you who have more than one child.  Each one gets the same board set up with a monthly calendar, photo, days of the week and a blank space for miscellaneous notes.  I have 2 kids and only 1 is of school age, and I know my own personal calendar gets crowded with my own things and hers.  I do like having everything in one place (like my iPhone) but for ease of seeing where everyone needs to be or what’s going on on any given day, this is so easy!  Of course you can create a spot underneath their space for them to hang their backpacks.

back to school station


The space saver: If you are short on space, think about using the side of your fridge!  You can purchase magnet strips to make everything magnetic and moveable.  I know you have seen the magnetic pen and pencil holders, put them to use and leave the ones you will need in that spot for quick access. Because it is all magnetic you can move it around how you want!  Just make sure it is high enough that if you have little ones they won’t try and rearrange it all for you.  You know how they love to help.

Whatever you decide to get creative with, it will no doubt help with some of the chaos that can ensue once school starts up again.  I long to do this myself (gazes off into the distance dreaming of a completely organized life).  So when you sit down before school starts to create your board, take photos and post them in the comments section below.

Have you ever made any back to school bulletin boards? Tell us about it!


21 thoughts on “Keep Your Family Organized with Back to School Bulletin Boards”

  1. I love the one from 36th Ave North. Great idea, making the dates magnets so you can just switch them around as needed! I’m going to have to make one of these, if I can find a place for it. Living in under 500 square feet has its challenges.

  2. My son is starting kindergarten, so I need to create a nice center like this. This is all new to me and I feel a bit overwhelmed already with pep rallies, special meetings, assessment schedules, sports, etc. I definitely need to stay organized.

  3. These are totally awesome ways to be organized for back to school. I love the command center ideas and they truly great ideas even the pens/pencil holder on the board. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Bulletin boards are an item that I keep meaning to purchase for our home. While our boys have not yet started school I would use them to help with organization in the home. Then once they did attend school I would definitely use the boards for that purpose as well. I used them when I was working outside the home and they were so helpful in planning and organizing.

  5. This is a great idea to keep things running smoothly around the house. I used to have a medium sized whiteboard in the kitchen which serves as our “reminder” board, but yours is definitely better.

  6. I should definitely make one for myself since I tend to forget about school activities or at least the dates. This is very fun and easy to do. Thanks!

  7. Hi Tabatha,

    My daughter is going to college in the fall…she could use something like this. Definitely going to show this to her. Heck, I could use this in my office too. :) I’m passing this on!

    Thanks for sharing these ideas!

    Have a great day!


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