The Cutest Disney Backpacks for Girls!


Are these not the cutest back to school backpacks you have ever seen? Aurora’s dress looks like it is flowing in 3D off of the bag, the bow on Sofia’s handle is adorable, and I am in love with the pink on Minnie’s. They are perfect, durable, and CUTE! What more could you ask for in a back to school backpack for your daughter? Personalization maybe? Many of the bags below offer free personalization with purchase. Allowing you to add, up to, ten letter characters. What will you add to your daughter’s bag?

Personalized back to school backpacks for girls

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Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Backpack

Back to School Backpacks for Girls |Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Backpack - PersonalizableDiamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially when they decorate this Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Backpack. A lovely big pink vinyl bow sits atop Minnie’s smiling face on this school essential that can be personalized to make it even more special.

Doc McStuffins Backpack

Back to School Backpacks for Girls |Doc McStuffins Backpack - PersonalizableThis is one case every young doctor would love to have. Stuffy, Lambie, and Hallie all have healthy big smiles on this colorful Doc McStuffins Backpack, that has plenty of space for everything she’ll need for house calls.

Disney Princess Rolling Backpack

Back to School Backpacks for Girls |Disney Princess Rolling Backpack - Personalizable

Royal travels will be grand with our regal rolling backpack featuring five favorite heroines and plenty of sparkle – plus pen holders, pockets and mesh pouches inside and out to hold all her on-the-go essentials.

Sofia the First Backpack

Back to School Backpacks for Girls |Sofia the First Backpack - PersonalizableSofia is joined by her older stepsister Amber on this glittering backpack. With plenty of space for everything a princess needs for her training, it can be personalized to make it royally special.

Rapunzel Backpack

Back to School Backpacks for Girls |Rapunzel Backpack - PersonalizableShe’ll have lovely golden hair cascading down her back with this Rapunzel Backpack. The Disney Princess and her companion Pascal share a smile on this glittering backpack that’s ideal for venturing out from a tower or heading to school.

Aurora Backpack

Back to School Backpacks for Girls |Aurora Backpack - Personalizable

Transport your sleeping beauty’s needs in our regal Aurora Backpack. Shimmering accents and an organza flower make this full-featured fairytale daypack into a back-to-school fashion essential!

Tinker Bell Backpack

Back to School Backpacks for Girls |Tinker Bell Backpack - Personalizable

Shimmering with pixie dust, this twinkly Tinker Bell Backpack will make light work of her back-to-school essentials! Trips to Pixie Hollow will be fun in the company of Tink, and she can personalize it to make it more magical.

Minnie Mouse Rolling Backpack

Back to School Backpacks for Girls |Minnie Mouse Rolling Backpack

Travels will be totally sweet with Minnie’s bright rolling backpack featuring plenty of polka dots – plus pen holders, pockets and mesh pouches inside and out to hold all her on-the-go essentials.

Disney Princess Backpack

Back to School Backpacks for Girls |Disney Princess Backpack - Personalizable

Transport all her royal needs in our regal Disney Princess Backpack. Rapunzel, Jasmine, Tiana, Ariel, and Belle will be with her wherever she goes with this fairytale essential!

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Which is your favorite? Will you take advantage of free personalization on your daughter’s back to school backpacks?

18 thoughts on “The Cutest Disney Backpacks for Girls!”




  2. I love the monogramming option. It always makes me think that kid has it together. lol Seriously though we love all things Disney and need to get her a new backpack so we’ll be looking for these.

  3. Why do all the cute book bags come out after I am no longer a child! Wish I had a daughter so I could get a bag like this one for school!

  4. Oh how I wish my daughter was still in grade school. Lol. These backpacks are so cute. I remember when she was in grade school, the roller backpacks were all the rage. Now it seems most schools have banned them. It’s back to the old school, strap on your back, school bags.

  5. My girls would be very excited to have one of these. I love that you can get a free personalization. That’s awesome! My daughters would love to have any of them since they’re Disney. They love the Disney characters.

  6. I love these cute Disney back packs for little girls and back to school! The free personalization is great! I would order the Tinkerbell if I had a little girl. They are perfect for visiting Grandma too!

  7. Those are such cute backpacks. I really love the Minnie backpack that has the 3D bow. One of my girls’ favorite parts of back to school shopping is picking out their new backpacks! Sometimes we end up with more than one.

  8. Bree @ HalfPennyBlog

    One of my favorite parts of school starting was getting to buy a new backpack. Having a standout backpack, when I was a kid, was one of the ways you met people. It was a conversation starter and helped to introduce yourself to others. This would definitely be a conversation starter to help you meet your new classmates!

  9. These backpacks are adorable, and the roller bags are a great invention, wish those had been around when I was a kid.

    Your post brought back a lot of memories of back to school shopping and the excitement of choosing new school supplies, but most importantly a new lunchbox!

  10. These are really cute backpacks and wish they had designs like this when I went to school! I think wearing one of these backpacks would make me feel like a Fairy Princess! I love how you can personalize these backpack too! What a great idea!

  11. Wow backpacks have come a long way since I was in school! These are all super cute and look like good quality. That’s so cool that you can personalize them as well. The rolling mini is one of my favorites.

  12. I’d definitely select Doc McStuffins, she’s the cutest little character. The quality and appearance of backpacks have changed greatly since I was in elementary school. Back then, we had the boring gray, black or possible red, if you were lucky, colors. It wasn’t until HS that character packs came out.

  13. Those truly are the cutest backpacks! My grand daughter would love any one of them. Can’t wait until she starts school, will have so much fun getting her ready!

  14. Oh man, I was just badgered by the little princess who lives here, all 5 yrs of her life mind you, about NEEDING 1 of these. Specifically a Tinker Bell one!! Ya know, because she is a fairy as well. Reppin’ her peeps I suppose. I am going to have to get one THANK YOU!!!

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