Easy Back to School Lunchbox Makeover Craft for Kids #TruMoo

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easy-back-to-school-lunchbox-makeover-craft-for-kids Back to school season officially here, it’s time to start gathering up all those supplies! Now that Jake is growing up he wants things that reflect his personality a bit more. He had a really rough year last year with bullies, so I’m really trying to find ways to get him excited about school this year. I’d buy him the moon if I thought it would make his year better than last year. Unfortunately, the moon isn’t for sale and it doesn’t fit in a backpack.

Jake found these cool, super sophisticated lunch containers when we were out shopping. They were really inexpensive, but they’re also a little plain. I thought it would be fun to make them a little more unique and reflect his personality. We also needed to do something about a thermos for his TruMoo, since he drinks it for lunch every day.

Back to School Lunchbox Makeovers

For this lunchbox makeover, I knew I needed something super easy. I’m not exactly the craftiest crafter around. I can do easy, but advanced projects make me cry a little inside. I also wanted something that Jake could participate in. I didn’t want to do some super fancy makeover (even if I could!) and hand him a finished product.

Then the idea hit me: permanent markers and duct tape! With those two things, you can take over the world! For this back to school lunchbox makeover, you’ll need:

Supplies: easy-back-to-school-lunchbox-makeover-craft-for-kids

  • An inexpensive plastic lunchbox or bento-style box
  • An inexpensive thermos (search your cabinets for a freebie that you got at a business expo, school fair or somewhere else. Metal thermoses are one of the biggest “giveaways,” so we all probably have a few!)
  • Permanent markers
  • Cool duct tape in a design your child likes

How to do it: easy-back-to-school-lunchbox-makeover-craft-for-kids Anything goes here! Jake wanted a Minecraft creeper design, so I drew it freehand from an example online.

  • You can either cut out stencils or trace over a sticky note with the marker over the spot you want your design. It bleeds through just enough to leave dots and faint lines for you to fill in.
  • Let your kids go to town adding their own elements. Dots, an initial, lines, whatever they want. The key is to let THEM lead the way, not you or a carefully-planned craft tutorial. This is about your kids having fun and creating their own back to school lunchbox.
  • For the thermos: this is where the duct tape comes in. Just wrap it around in different spots. The great thing about this: you can peel it off and update it for every season.

easy-back-to-school-lunchbox-makeover-craft-for-kids I recommend serving up delicious chocolate TruMoo while your kids are crafting! It’s Jake’s all-time favorite beverage. With back to school season coming, I’ll be sending it along in his thermos or grabbing the little boxes for his school snacks. With no artificial growth hormones or high-fructose corn syrup, it’s one delicious chocolaty snack I’m happy to provide.

Connect with TruMoo:easy-back-to-school-lunchbox-makeover-craft-for-kids

How do you let your kids personality shine through with their back to school supplies? Tell us in the comments!

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51 thoughts on “Easy Back to School Lunchbox Makeover Craft for Kids #TruMoo”

  1. Such a great idea that make their own lunchboxes, my son would surely love this he loves drawing and coloring our things in the house, that was really awesome

  2. Of course! Why didn’t I think of this before. It’s really easier to have your kids personalize their lunchboxes and fun too!

  3. Very cute idea. Love that it will make your child’s lunchbox different from all the others. And it will be something they really like!

    1. My daughter loves patterned duct tape and markers too. I know where to look when I can’t find mine. It would be fun to do with her, see what she comes up with.

  4. This is a great idea. So many kids bring the same containers to school it can be hard to tell them apart. I will have to get my kids to do this.

    1. You are right! So many kids go back to school with the same items, this will help them stand apart, and so fun to do with them too.

  5. How cute! My son would love something like this. I let my son’s personality shine through with his back to school supplies by letting him help select the supplies.

  6. Bonnie @ wemake7

    What a cool idea! Makes a great craft and the kiddos can personalize their own lunchbox and feel cool knowing they made it their own.

  7. An inexpensive way to make personalized lunch containers that can be easily recognized. We all love TruMoo but we use insulated drink container which can be matching design since it is plastic too.

  8. These are easy back to school lunchbox makeovers the kids can do for sure. I love the idea of them doing their own designs on the container and the thermos. Using decorative duct tape is an awesome idea along with the permanent markers. Thanks for sharing. They look so cool.

  9. Great idea of making your kids design their own lunchbox make-over. It is also so budget friendly for us moms, and I like the idea of serving TruMoo. It is very nutritious and refreshing!

  10. Wow such easy and cool ideas. I never thought about using duck tape to decorate. I have tons that I didn’t know what to do with them now I know what I can use it for.

  11. This is such a great idea to make their lunchboxes stand out and my kids love anything that can personalize! I’ll have to let them create their own lunchbox for back to school.

    1. They will certainly be one of a kind! And who knows, maybe they will inspire their friends to do the same thing, saving their moms some money ;)

  12. You can’t go wrong with a minecraft lunch box, that is for sure!! This Is great you did a craft to include your son and his personality! Wishing your son a better school year this year! Bullies are the worst!

    1. I wouldn’t call that horrid game cute! I have banned my child from “Minecraft” on the account of its satanic brainwashing. Did you know that that game makes light of the Resurrection, by using the imagery the corpses of the dead? In fact the game requires you to satiate your thirst for greed by using the powers of satanic rituals involving black stones and fire to travel to hell? The game is no doubt the backbone of the anarchist brainwashing society, attempting to drive our children out of the life-giving light of God. Please be more considerate with your children, and ensure they do not stray from Gods light.

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