11 Back To School Uniform Ideas For Fashionable Kids & Teens (Under $18!)

School uniforms can have personality and still stay within the dress code! Check out our 11 ideas for fashionable back to school uniforms for teens.

Back to School season is here and it is time to start filling your kids’ closets with clothes for the new school year. If your school has a uniform policy restricting  fashion, it can make it tough to up your teen’s style game. Luckily we have you covered and have rounded up some of the most ah-mazing uniform pieces for the new year that all mix and match. Check out some of my favorite picks for uniform pieces for the teen that has some style, Even better these pieces are all under $18!


Back to school uniform ideas

I am going to start with bottoms because I found the most choices in this category. Check out those cute French Toast Polka Dot Belt Pants. This pair of pants is a classic style, but that adorable polka dot bow belt gives it a little bit of personality while still following the rules. The khaki color ribbon skirt complete with pleats is also totally adorable. I like throwing a few skirts into the mix to change up my look. You can wear this skirt with bare legs while the weather is warm (if your dress code allows) and then add tights as the weather cools off.


Back to school uniform ideas

So let’s add another layer to this look with some fantastic tops for back to school. That French Toast Lace Trim Polo is going to be that top you grab the day after laundry day. You know what I mean, the top you always grab first because it goes with every.thing. You may want to grab two of those. I also like the French Toast Cropped Cardigan Polo. I love the darling little rhinestone detail on the sleeves.


Back to school uniform shoes

Don’t worry, I could not have possibly forgotten the shoes. I am a shoe girl at heart. When it comes to buying some basics, you need to have at least one pair of casual athletic style shoes in the mix. Your school days is long and your shoes should be stylish but comfy. I would also throw in a pair of flats like these Cherokee flats that work equally well with skirts or pants. The most important part is they are stylish but still comfortable enough to run from zombies in. After all, you never know when zombies are going to strike. I think zombies will skip the teen in the cute shoes. Zombie attack or not, you need these shoes.

I always hated Friday fashion because I was down to the last two uniform pieces in my closet and they never seem to work together. Swerve that issue this year by picking up these pieces from Target. Both the style choices and the price are just right for school. Even better, remix your clothes to double or even triple your fashion choices! Here are a couple ways I would mix and match these pieces to keep my look fresh.

School uniforms can have personality and still stay within the dress code! Check out our 11 ideas for fashionable back to school uniforms for teens.

mix 2

Which back to school uniform pieces do you simply have to have for the new school year? Let us know in the comments!

18 thoughts on “11 Back To School Uniform Ideas For Fashionable Kids & Teens (Under $18!)”

  1. I almost wish my kids wore uniforms because it would be less of a hassle to go school shopping every year. Plus they may actually like it too since you can still have style.

  2. These are fantastic prices for school uniforms. I love the shoes. My kids have never had to wear a uniform. I think it is an amazing idea.

  3. My kids are both in College this year so they do not need a uniform. The uniform they had to wear in grade school was a kilt and white blouse.

  4. These are great deals! Beige and Navy Blue always look good together and these styles are basic yet fashionable. A colorful bangle or charm bracelet as an accessory would be good to go with these uniforms.

  5. Uniforms certainly have come a long way since I started buying them for my son 7 years ago. I love that the designs are more fashionable while still conforming to school requirements.

  6. It’s amazing how many outfits you can mix and match with just a few basics. My nephew needs new uniforms for fall since he grew so much over the summer!

  7. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    How helpful this will be to parents with kids who need school uniforms. We are allowed to wear regular clothes at our school.

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