Send Kids Back to School in Style with Sears #SearsMomBTS

Back to school is always a challenging time of the year for the family.  It is hard to adjust from a relaxing summer with little routine to a regular schedule with lunch boxes to prepare, supplies to label and a structured schedule! But the fun part of back to school is: shopping.


I am a shopaholic: for me, for my kids, my husband. I can’t get enough of shopping! But I am a thrifty shopper: I am always looking for trendy clothes on sale. That was always a tough one for back to school! I had to run from store to store to find the best item for the best price! It was always a challenge!

A challenge that I was ready to take this year  for my daughter! It is a special year for her: she is entering Kindergarten! Isn’t is a special moment? I have butterflies in my tummy! My baby is growing up!

I wanted something special for her! New clothes that made her feel comfortable, trendy and confident! Clothes within my budget of course! We went shopping to Sears! With their large selection of clothes, accessories, shoes and back to school items, I was sure I could get my princess the best back to school clothes!

Back to school Shopping Experience at Sears

As soon as we hit the store, my daughter was running from aisle to aisle choosing her outfits. She spotted the Levis section where she found this comfortable Smurf 2 top and leggings! She loved the colors and Smurfette as she just watched the movie! I loved that it was short sleeve! The first days of schools are too hot to wear long sleeves. It was always a challenge for me finding short sleeve outfits for back to school


Then she tried a pink and blue outfit. It is a 2 pieces outfit: a dress with leggings! Again she loved the colors and the skirt! I loved it had leggings: it will keep her warm during the chilly mornings!

Her favorite outfit was the Hello Kitty one! : a long sleeved shirt and a skirt! This will be perfect for colder days, as well as special events: birthday parties!


I was impressed by the prices, the selection: the clothes had bright vivid colors! We could mix and match outfits! You could get 2 Nevada shirts for $14.97!


My daughter chose 2 shirts and 2 leggings! I love the Nevada brand! It has comfortable and nice clothes with a reasonable price! Besides the colors do not fade after washing!

My daughter is in love with her new outfits. As soon as we got back home she stored them preciously in her closet. I was impressed with the large selection, vivid colors and nice prices!


KidVantage Lifetime Warranty

Another thing I love about Sears is the KidVantage Lifetime Warranty. Kids play a lot! Sometimes clothes get ruined. With KidVantage Lifetime Wearout Warranty, you don’t have to worry about tears over a tear in a favorite shirt! Just take it back to Sears with your proof of purchase and they’ll either fix it or replace it. The warranty covers children’s clothing sizes from infants up to 18, and shoes up to senior kids’ size 6.

Another part of the KidVantage program is the price-match guarantee. Say I find a pair of Levis in another store’s flyer for $5 less than I find them at Sears. All I have to do is take the flyer with me to Sears, and they’ll match the competitors price! No more running from store to store to get the best deal!

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To enter the contest, “like” the Sears Facebook page and click on the contest tab. Click on the entry form and enter your information!

Disclosure: I am part of the Sears Back to School Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

14 thoughts on “Send Kids Back to School in Style with Sears #SearsMomBTS”

  1. Omg your daughter’s hair is so super cute. We had so much fun back to shopping at #sears for this campaign. I love the clothes you picked out, makes me sometimes wish I had a girl instead of all boys :)

  2. I love Sears; I was just there yesterday snagging some sales. It looks like she managed to grab some super cute outifts and at great prices; good job mom!

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