Back to School Study Hints

Going back to school means back to studying. We all want our children to succeed at school. You know your child and how they learn best, but every child will benefit from so study help. One of the first things you should do is set up a area for homework. This area will have extra supplies that you picked up when back to school shopping. It should be a quiet area that has a minimum of distractions.


Math Back to School Games


 Many parents remember long sessions of flash card drills. Flash cards still are a fine way to memorize facts. They can be more fun if you make games with them. You cam play memory by matching the facts with the correct answer. Other fun games can be added. If you child is working on addition facts you might teach them how to play pyramid solitaire on the computer or with a deck of cards.

Reading Rhythm

 Hopefully your child has been reading over the summer so there will not be a big transition for back to school. Remember to model daily reading to your children. Also encourage them to read everything. They can read you the instructions while you follow a recipe in the kitchen, the directions you have printed off to take you to their back to school enrollment, or the sales circular for your back to school shopping.

Handwriting Helpers

This is a subject that many children struggle with. I think this is more prevalent as we are becoming a more technology based society. Make up games where your children sign receipts and other items while they are playing dress-up. You might encourage them to hand write a letter to their teacher to deliver at your back to school open house.

Back to School Science Sensations

 Elementary school science is a lot of hands on learning. Many children respond well to this type of learning. When you meet with the teacher about what topics they will be covering this school year. You can then accentuate their learning with family outings and fun experiments at home. Science will be supplemented with health activities.

Social Studies Studying

Back to school will mean that your children will have more learning opportunities. Many teachers will alternate social studies with science or health. Also there is also a primary focus each grade level. Again at the back to school open house find out what your child will be concentrating on. Then you can supplement the classroom learning with map studying and other activities.
Are you ready for your children to go back to school? You should have an area set up for homework in your home. It will also help if you set up a routine time daily for your child to either complete homework or work on supplemental activities. Back to school should be back to success for you and your children. Habits that you implement in grade school will be second nature for children with they enter middle and high school learning.