Make a Healthy Back to School Snacks Grab & Go Box! #DollarGeneral

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I can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about back to school snacks! It seems like just yesterday we were all doing the happy dance because school was out for summer. I just looked at the calendar, though, and it’s coming up in a little over a month. That time goes super fast!

My son is still in elementary school, so they get a snack during the day. His school has very strange lunch times to accommodate all the students. Next year. he’ll be eating lunch pretty much before I’m even done with my morning coffee! Last year, we had major issues with snacks: namely a last-minute rush to find something in the cabinet that he likes before we miss the bus!

Organize your back to school snacks with a grab & go snack box!

This year, I’m going to be more on the ball with everything, including snacks. I want to make sure Jacob is taking appropriately healthier snacks, especially if he’ll be going extra hours between lunch and dinner. I headed to Dollar General to see what they had to offer.


I was happy to see a nice selection of both brand name and store brand healthier snack options. They had everything from raisins and mixed nuts to granola bars and animal crackers! I chose several different items that I know my son will eat, then headed to the back to school supplies section to grab a bin for $1. I also got some fun-colored duct tape and Sharpies markers (you can never have too many of those!)

back-to-school-snacks-grab-go-box !


Back home, I emptied the boxes into the bin, then made snack bags with the items that didn’t come in individual servings. I labeled the bin “brain food” just for fun, and so it stands out in my cabinet. While I’m sure my son will eat everything before school starts, I’ll just need to replenish the stash when he goes back!

The great thing about a grab & go box is that kids can choose their own snack. Take your kids to Dollar General with you to pick out a few mom-approved healthier snack options. Enlist their help in filling the grab & go box with back to school snacks. Then, every night, have them choose their snack for the next day. That way, you don’t end up with a book bag filled with baggies of crushed snacks that your child was just oddly too polite to tell you he no longer liked.

One final word of advice, though: be careful with the nuts. Make sure your school allows nut products and that no one in your child’s class suffers from allergies. Some years, Jacob wasn’t allowed to bring anything with peanuts in it. I wouldn’t want to inadvertently hurt another child, so we were always extra cautious about asking first.

What healthy back to school snacks would you put in your grab & go box?

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16 thoughts on “Make a Healthy Back to School Snacks Grab & Go Box! #DollarGeneral”

  1. I just made a few of these with different types of lunch box treats or snacks to help my kids choose for their own lunches. It is such a great idea! I have one just for different apple sauce pouches and another for fruit cups or dried fruit snacks.

  2. I just set one of these up this last week. They get to pick one package from the box and one piece of fruit for their snack (husband included!). I don’t have nuts in mine but I the boys would enjoy some almond pouches.

  3. I did a snack bin like this last year and it was awesome! My kids really appreciated it too! It helped them to grab a snack whenever they were hungry and to grab one for school too! It was really convenient.

  4. I put raisins & other dried fruit, low-sugar cereal bars, and individual servings of snacks in my grab & go box. It makes our mornings so much faster.

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