4 Simple Back To School Shopping Tips To Save Money

I always need back to school ideas for saving money, do you? Check out our back to school shopping tips for both girls and boys!

Can you believe it’s already time to start thinking about back to school shopping tips? Back to school shopping season is right around the corner, and it will be here before you know it! There are so many things to think about for back to school shopping, and most importantly, most people are wondering how to stick to a budget. If you find yourself wanting to adhere to a specific budget, these back to school shopping tips will teach you how to do exactly that!

4 Simple Back To School Shopping Tips To Save Money

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1. Compare prices before shopping.
I think comparing prices between the stores before you shop is one of the most important back to school shopping tips! Before you even begin shopping, pick up some catalogs or search online to check prices and sales. Most places are pretty on top of things when it comes to advertising back to school shopping sales, so it’ll put you one step ahead if you make sure to check the sales out before shopping around. This way, you can know if you need to buy certain items from one store, and others from another store. Use this tip for both school supplies and school clothes!

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2. Consider second-hand stores.
There are some second-hand and thrift stores take great care of their clothing and have some great back to school shopping sales as well as great quality clothes! Savers is pretty well known for their quality, and if you can find something like Plato’s Closet, you’ll find that there are great deals and the clothes are fabulous! Scope out your local resale shops for great deals. Depending on the quality level of your store, you may have to pick through a bit more, but many of these shops have excellent deals. Often you can find name brands, and I’ve even found items new with tags!


3. Look for textbooks online
If you need specific textbooks not provided by the school, try looking online! There are tons of resources for textbooks online like Amazon, Half.com (an eBay company for books), eBay, and Chegg. Typically you can find much better deals and save up to hundreds of dollars on books this way. It allows you to buy used books, and even rent them and send them back when you’re done with free shipping! This is one of the priciest parts of back to school shopping, so if you can save here, you’ll do well.

4. Buy for the entire school year!
Purchasing as much as you think you’ll need for the whole year is so important, especially when you are buying school supplies. You’ll notice that school supplies go on sale during back to school shopping peak times, and that’s typically it for the year. Usually, a student goes through quite a bit of supplies during the year, so it makes sense to stock up now! Buy a couple of packs of pencils and pens, lots of paper, and folders and binders to last all year to maximize your savings for back to school shopping.

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By following these back to school shopping tips, you’ll be sure to have a pleasant back to school shopping experience. Be sure to check out our Back to School Clothing Essentials to find more tips as well as free printable checklists! When you’re all done and the kids head back to school, this too can be you!

What kind of things do you look for during back to school shopping? Do you have any great back to school shopping tips to share?


32 thoughts on “4 Simple Back To School Shopping Tips To Save Money”

  1. Great tips! I am not looking forward to this year – I’ll have 4 heading off to school RIGHT after we move so any savings I can find I will for sure be taking advantage of. Price checking is one I need to start doing! Thrift stores is a great option too I never think of!

  2. I find that the best way to save on school clothes is not to buy them. Instead, I look for sales all year and just buy whatever suits us at the time. Right now, I have clothing packed away for next summer.

  3. Rebecca Swenor

    These are great tips for back to school shopping. It is a good idea to check out thrift stores because you can find brand name brand new things sometimes at a cheaper price. You can save a lot by comparing prices between stores also. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I wish they had online text book services when I was in school! I think they are so helpful!! I also loved your point about buying for the whole year. In the long run I think that would be a great money saver:).

  5. I don’t have any school children at home anymore, but I do help out with the supplies etc. for my daughter & while I’m there it’s also a good time to stock up at home for envelopes, tablets, pens & pencils. I always do & it saves money.

  6. Buying for the entire year is so important. We will have two in school this year so we’ve stocked up on current sizes and 1 size bigger just in case. Every school (public and private) requires uniforms around here so it’s so hard to find anything outside of the peak Back-To-School shopping time.

  7. Great tips! Although I’m not good with comparing prices sometimes. I like convenience so to avoid having to drive around anywhere, i will just get what’s in front of me.

  8. Oh yeah its time to think about back to school shopping already. And these are some wonderful tips from you to save some money out of it. We look for Online textbooks & yes comparing the price at various stores really helps a lot.

  9. These are some really great tips! I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! My daughter starts real school this fall!

  10. I always use back to school season to replenish my school supply box that I keep full of various supplies. So that when my kids need school supplies mid year, I don’t have to run to the store. I send them to shop from my box.

    It looks like I’ll be hitting the thrift store for clothes for my older son. He has had a major growth spurt and nothing hardly fits the boy.

  11. I have gotten some pretty cute clothing from thrift stores. I always shop sales and since kids doing horrible things to their clothes, I buy the cheap stuff like at Walmart. Until my little ones to can treat their clothes better, then I’ll probably look at more name brand or department store style clothes.

  12. I’m a huge fan of thrift stores and have shopped in them for many years! I actually pride myself on finding great deals and great products!

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