9 Versatile Back To School Outfit Ideas For Your Favorite Kid

Start your back to school outfit shopping on the right foot! I've pulled together some of my favorite pieces that are perfect for your kid's school outfits.

It’s that time of year where I unwillingly drag my child to the store to find back to school outfits. Sometimes my kid is a willing participate and we have a fun day deciding what she’ll wear during those first few months. Most of the time, though, she wants nothing to do with it. I guess because it means that her summer is almost over? During those times, I have to grab a few items myself to round out the wardrobe. If you’re on the hunt for outfit ideas to fill out your shopping, you have come to the right place! I’ve put together a list of some pieces you will want to snag, check them out!

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Back To School Outfits

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I usually aim for seven to ten tops in various colors with three being long sleeve to start the school year. I also aim for five to seven bottoms, including at least one pair of black pants. For girls, you can also mix dresses and skirts into the mix. While this list isn’t all inclusive, it always gives me a great starting point for the school year! Make sure you check out your school’s dress code carefully before you begin shopping. Each school is different with the rules, and it’s frustrating to find you can only wear half of the new wardrobe you bought!

Boy’s Dickies Short Sleeved Polo


A few short sleeved polos are usually a good idea at the beginning of the year, and these Boy’s Dickies Short Sleeved Polo are my pick. They look smart, come in a variety of colors, and are a great addition to any boy back to school wardrobe. These polos are soft, comfortable and also do comply with a lot of schools who have uniform policies. If you don’t have to comply with uniforms, you can choose almost any color you could want!

Short Sleeve Woven Shirt With Graphic Tee


Here’s a great combo for the boy who loves wearing t-shirts everywhere, the Short Sleeve Woven Shirt With Graphic TeeThese short sleeve woven shirts are matched with t-shirts of various styles. This makes it easy to match sets together, plus they come in a lot of color and style choices. I love this monkey astronaut t-shirt! Some schools do not allow any graphics on shirts, so make sure to be mindful of your school’s dress code.

Boys 8-20 Chaps Twill Pants


You are going to need a good couple solid pairs of slacks for school My favorite, and the favorite of several of my friends are these Boys 8-20 Chaps Twill Pants. These durable pants are available in khaki, gray, navy, and black. They should easily compile with many different dress codes, and will be a staple in your back to school wardrobe.

Boys 4-20 Chaps Solid Oxford Button-Down Shirt


Likely you will need at least one button down shirt for the year, and if you have a uniform to comply with you may need even more. One of my favorite picks is this reliable  Boys 4-20 Chaps Solid Oxford Button-Down Shirt. The best part? Pull this shirt straight out of the dryer, give it a good shake, and you can skip ironing while still looking sharp.

Girls Back To School Clothes Ideas

Girls Mudd Handkerchief Dress


My little girl prefers dresses these days, so I knew right away this cute Girls Mudd Handkerchief Dress needs to be on my back to school outfit list. This dress is available in several different colors and patterns, and pairs with legging or boots for more variety.

Girls French Toast Scalloped Lace Henley


A Henley-style long sleeve shirt is one of my go-to styles. It’s comfortable, has a few little details, and it looks crisp and clean for school. This Girls French Toast Scalloped Lace Henleys available in five different colors, and is also great for layering as the temperature drops later in fall.

George Girls’ School Uniforms, Flat Front Pant


We go through so many pairs of pants that value is super important to me. The kid is growing like a weed! Check out these George Girls’ School Uniforms, Flat Front Pants available in khaki, gray, and black. These pants will go with pretty much everything and look sharp for school.

Button-Front Peplum Shirt



This fun Button-Front Peplum Shirt needs to be in your little girl’s wardrobe. There are a variety of color choices, plus it styles easily with pants or leggings if they are allowed. Roll up the sleeves on a warmer day, or leave them down to beat a fall chill.

French Toast Pom-Pom Full-Zip Sweater


Fall can quickly become chilly in many places, which is why layers are key. This adorable French Toast Pom-Pom Full-Zip Sweater is perfect for throwing over many different outfits. You can find this sweater available in pink, black, and a cream color.

So what are the rules at your school? What back to school outfits are you looking for this year? Tell me about your shopping plans in the comments!

21 thoughts on “9 Versatile Back To School Outfit Ideas For Your Favorite Kid”

  1. What’s great about these shirts and pants is that they can be combined with pretty much anything because they’re so versatile. These should be staples in any kid’s closet, because they’ll always come in handy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. christina aliperti

    Versatility is key when it comes to back to school. Mornings are much easier when you have a wardrobe that can be mixed and matched. This goes for kids and adults too.

  3. I can’t bveleive it’s time for back to school. Time really does fly fast! Where did summer go? The outfits look nice.

  4. My kids wear a uniform to school, and I just nabbed the majority of their clothes for back to school. Since they don’t need a ton for home & weekends, these suggestions make even more sense for us. Pieces that can be worn several ways always help.

  5. Meagen Brosius

    I think this is great! A capsule wardrobe is totally doable for kids and adults alike! I love going through my wardrobe and pairing it down to just necessary and useful pieces!

  6. These are great pieces for back to school clothes. I can not believe it is that time of the year again.

  7. Beautiful ideas! It’s not practical to buy a lot of clothes it would be better to buy key pieces that they can use for the whole semester and just add shirts or something like that. Thanks for the list! The girls’ dresses are so cute!

  8. It’s school uniforms at my son’s school so to start it’s just Polos and khaki and navy blue shorts. My son will wear shorts most of the school year really. He will just had a hoodie. :)

  9. These are great back to school outfit ideas, I love how stylish yet simple each selection is. I love the idea of being able to combine outfits too!

  10. These are really great ideas. We are actually shopping the sale racks for shorts and skirts for back to school because it’s so hot here in California that we wear shorts year round but come fall they’re so hard to find! I like how you picked styles you could dress up or dress down.

  11. I love that handkerchief skirt and peplum shirt. And for boys, you can definitely never go wrong with a good polo shirt.

  12. Love them all! I wish my kids could wear them. Sadly, their school is uniformed and I don’t think that will be chasing anytime soon. I wish!

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