5 World’s Best Teacher’s Gifts That Won’t Get Thrown Away

Looking for back to school gift ideas for teachers? Check out our favorites that won't get tossed in the rubbish bin after the first day of school!

These 5 World’s Best Teacher’s Gifts That Won’t Get Thrown Away this year are perfect for you to help your kids make! Coffee mugs are so last year, but these are fun and adorable gifts that no teacher will consider throwing away or regifting.

Back to School Gifts for Teachers


Easy Homemade Bookmark Craft: Teachers are always looking for a way to mark their place in teachers manuals, grade books or just their personal reading at lunch time. These are super cute and easy to make, but simple and cute enough that the teachers will definitely keep them and put them to use throughout the year.


Classroom Supply Time Capsule: This is a great back to school gift idea to replenish their supplies for the year. Being a time capsule means it is a great gift they can tuck away and open at the beginning of the next school year. Include basic supplies like recommended, but don’t forget to tuck a surprise gift card in there just because. You might check out their classroom ahead of time to see what items they run out of the most.


Cute Woven Baskets: This is such a fun craft for kids to make, and you can use this is a simple way to deliver things like lotion, lip balm, gift cards, hand sanitizer and candy to their teachers! The basket is cute, but simple. It can make a great unique candy basket on their desk!


Gardening Starter Kit: This is such a fun way to send off your teacher for the year to go home and enjoy their summer in their garden. Not only is it inexpensive to grab these items at the local dollar store, but you can easily personalize the bucket you gift it in with some simple paint markers and stickers. Put a mix of easy to grow vegetables and flower seeds into the bucket just in case.

Olaf Mug makes a cute back to school gift idea for teachers

Cute DIY Olaf Mug: While coffee mugs are usually a no-no with teachers, this one is just too cute not to make and share. Your kids will love helping you make this, and then you can stuff it full of things like candy, cookies, gift cards, peppermints or even flavored drink packages to go in water at their desk.

These are some of the world’s best teacher’s gifts that won’t get thrown away. Teachers will love them because they are personal, useful and unique to your child.

Do you have any favorite back to school gift ideas for teachers? Tell us about them in the comments!

19 thoughts on “5 World’s Best Teacher’s Gifts That Won’t Get Thrown Away”

  1. I love the Olaf mug! Being a kindergarten and preschool teacher’s aid years ago, I really love these ideas! I also think it’s great that there are still parents out there who appreciate teachers this much still!

  2. These gift ideas for teachers are so cute! My favorite is the woven basket, it reminds me of one of my projects from my second grade, I’ve made something similar and I filled it with leaves, my teacher loved it. Even know, after so many years she tells me about my Autumn basket (I grew up in Europe and there the school starts in September!).

  3. Great ideas! I have a friend who teaches and all my children have had such wonderful teachers so it’s important to reward and appreciate them. We always give extra school supplies at the beginning and middle the year. I’ll have to put them together in a kit next time. Thanks for sharing!

  4. As a former special education teacher myself, the ‘gifts’ that have lasted the longest are personal notes from my students, I have them all! I think it’s great to get the kids involved in the gift they give the teacher, that personal touch makes it so much more meaningful.

  5. I can’t believe that it is already time for back to school! These are amazing teacher gifts to give for back to school gifts! I love the basket gift idea, so many great ideas for teacher gifts.

  6. I can remember making woven baskets when I was a kid. I actually remember watching Lambchop before and them telling a story and you fold the paper to follow along with the story and when you are done you have a really cool box. I need to go google that now.

  7. Love the idea of back to school gifts for teachers. It’s easy to forget about them. The bookmark idea is really cute, I think we are going to do something like this.

  8. Such a sweet idea, especially to keep kids occupied during a rainy day. And we’ve had many of those this summer where I am originally from. At one point it was stated that it was colder than the North Pole! I think the painting your own mugs one is my favourite one of all the crafts :)

  9. My ears just got hot because we gave our teacher a mug were her photo and my little one on it. Super sweet. But whoops… I didn’t know it was a no-no!! Uh oh. Haha. Well – thankfully I have these ideas you posted to reference. Thank goodness :) They’re super cute!

  10. Love these items. We always do something handmade for the teachers but I normally wait until teacher appreciation week and go all out. This year I think I will give something nice for all the holidays for the teachers starting with Halloween.

  11. Great ideas! I want to show my son’s first grade teacher that we appreciate her for all the things she is GOING to do this year! I can’t wait to make some of these items!

  12. I think all the items here will be appreciated by the teachers because as cliche as it sounds, it’s the thought of the gift that counts. The designs look so creative and they will be more special when done by a child. The Olaf mug is so cute!

  13. I always love the tradition of giving teachers presents at the beginning and the end of the year! I think it makes them feel more appreciated for what they do! Their job at time is not a 9 to 5 and mostly invades their personal time and life just to keep up with what they have to do! I think teachers love being surprised with little homemade DIY presents!

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