Back To School Craft: Personalized Pencil And Art Supplies Cup

Prepare your child for back to school with this simple pencil and art supplies cup. This craft will come together quick and easy with basic supplies!

As we prepare for back to school, I like to try to do a few activities with my kid to help get her excited about the new school year around the corner. She is still little and her list of back to school items is short so far. So far the teachers are just warming me up, soon my shopping list will be three pages long and I too will be looking for the brand of pencils the teacher requested.

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In the meantime, let’s take those brand new pencils, crayons, and markers and give them a new home for homework time. This craft is simple and gives your child a place to keep their favorite drawing and writing tools. My daughter’s preschool teacher requests we create one of these fun pencil cups every year. At preschool when it is time to draw, my kid can find her markers amongst the 15 other containers of Pipsqueak markers.

Back to School Craft: Personalized Pencil & Art Supplies Cup

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You will need:

The first thing you need to do is clean a tin can thoroughly, and then dry it completely. This craft is a great excuse to make that bean chili for dinner, or just raid your recycling bin for a leftover can. Once your can is dry, wrap the paper around the can and trim it so it fits the can both in length and height.

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When I did this project, I liked to lay the paper flat in front of my child for them to decorate. Last year when I made a similar craft with my daughter, we used watercolor paints and then decorated it a day later with stickers. Depending on your child’s dexterity level, you can also go ahead and tape it to the can before they decorate.

Here is where you bust out the animals, sparkles, and other crafty items. I like to raid the dollar store or the dollar bins at Target or Michaels for cute little decorations that usually already have adhesive. Those large packs of foam stickers also work well for this project, and can be found almost anywhere that carries children’s craft supplies these days. If you scrapbook (or just still have all the pieces), break out some of those extra notions and let your child go crazy. A craft project like this is also a great excuse to use up any leftover stickers. I cannot be the only person who has eight sheets of stickers with two stickers left on each sheet.

Once your piece of paper is decorated, make sure to let it dry completely if glue was part of your project. Once dry, wrap the paper around the can and tape it on using your clear tape. Now help your child to add their favorite coloring and drawing equipment into the cup.

Prepare your child for back to school with this simple pencil and art supplies cup. This craft will come together quick and easy with basic supplies!

We do not currently have a designated art space in our house. Most of our art happens around our kitchen table. Having a cute cup like this makes cleanup a breeze. Have you tried shoving crayons or makers back in the box after a child dumped them all? Sometimes it takes twice as long to clean up as to make the craft. Your child will love their new personalized cup, perfect for their art supplies and with a quick cleanup time.

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What types of projects do you create before school starts for the year? Tell us about your projects in the comments!

23 thoughts on “Back To School Craft: Personalized Pencil And Art Supplies Cup”

  1. I used to love this craft as a kid! I like your suggestion to lay it flat while decorating and to use leftover stickers. Awesome idea!

  2. This is great. I made something similar with contact paper when I was a girl and my grandma kept it forever. ;)

  3. What a clever idea. I normally toss out tin cans. I will start saving them now and make projects like this. Thanks for sharing.

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