Back to School Tips: Best Ways To Save Money On School Supplies

5 Tips to Save Money On School Supplies- OurFamilyWorld

Who does not want to save money on school supplies? Purchasing all the school supplies is definitely expensive and is even tougher if you have more than one kid. Here are few tips to save money on  school supplies. Hopefully, they will reduce your stress levels a bit and leave more money in your pocket.

Tips to Save Money on School Supplies

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  1. Make a plan: Before you plan to shop for school supplies, make a list of things you need. Now, identify the things that you have in hand. If you can find at least few things at home then you are saving few bucks. Next, plan a budget for the remaining things to be purchased. If you have very tight budget then prioritize the things and shop accordingly. Without a proper plan, you cannot save money on school supplies.
  2. Check for deals: Stores such as Walmart, Target  announce deals on school supplies generally a month to two weeks before the reopening of the schools. Be an early bird and search for deals for the back to school supplies needed by your child. Make sure that they fit within the preset budget limit. If you cannot find best deals before the school reopens then wait for a week or so after the school starts. At this time all the stores will announce clearance sales. Purchasing back to school supplies at this time also lets you enjoy big savings.
  3. Compare the prices: To grab a best deal on back to school supplies follow the general shopping rule: visit multiple stores. Know about the quality of the supplies, the price and make a note of it. Now, compare the price and quality of the items and purchase in a store offering high quality products at reasonable price.
  4. Buy everything in bulk: purchasing back to school supplies in bulk saves a lot. If you have only one child and if you feel that bulk shopping would be waste then consider sharing with a friend. This would not only save you money but would also avoid multiple trips to the store throughout the year.
  5.  Give importance to quality: Never go for cheap supplies in an attempt to save money on school supplies. It would only increase your spending in the long run. Always buy quality back to school supplies that would last for a long time. This may increase your initial budget but you would save over time.

Lastly, if you cannot afford to purchase new back to school supplies then check for yard sales to find quality school supplies at low price. Above all, teach the child to use the school supplies cautiously to prevent purchasing them multiple times.

Do you have any other ideas to save money on school supplies? We would love to hear from you. For more tips on back to school, check our Pinterest Board.

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4 thoughts on “Back to School Tips: Best Ways To Save Money On School Supplies”

  1. These are great tips. Especially the last one. We used to just get the cheapest thing, until we realized, oh wait…it’s not so cheap because we end up replacing it like 3 times in the year (ie shoes!!) which ends up being more expensive than just buying that ONE pair of really nice ones that will last the entire school year. So sometimes spending more upfront can actually save you a lot of money down the road.

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