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Looking for back to school backpack safety tips Read on! Every school year the struggle to teach your children about responsibility and safety crops up. Whether they are being dropped off each day by you, or riding the school bus with their friends there are certain precautions everyone should take to help stay safe. This year we are giving you some easy Back To School Backpack Safety Tips that are made to help you keep your child and their belongings safe at all times.


CHECK WITH SCHOOL REQUIREMENTS FIRST. Before you head off to the store to pick out the ultimate backpack, make sure your school district doesn’t have specific requirements. With the ongoing increase of violence in schools in the last decade, many schools have required students to carry only see through or mesh backpacks. Make sure what your school requires prior to purchase.

DON’T PUT THEIR NAME ON THEIR BAG. While it may be nice to have their name monogrammed on their backpack, or even an ID hanging on the outside with their name and information, this can also be a safety issue. Monogram with initials only and any identification should remain inside a zipped pocket for use only in emergency. Putting your name and address out in the open leaves your child vulnerable to being stalked, bullied or even having your home violated.

LEAVE THE VALUABLES AT HOME. Nothing is sadder than a child who comes home having lost their favorite possession because someone grabbed it from their backpack while they weren’t looking. Older students may be responsible enough to carry phones, laptops or iPads as their school allows, but younger students need to leave those items at home. Whether it is a special toy or a small handheld game device, they should be left at home.

MAKE SURE THE BACKPACK IS THE RIGHT FIT AND SIZE. This is especially tough for the younger crew, but it is important to actually fit the backpack to the student. Your 1st or 2nd grade student doesn’t need a giant bag to carry all of his books in at once. A small, simple backpack that fits easily on his shoulders is all they need. Make sure the bag is not too big for their body, nor being packed too heavily and causing physical strain.

This fall make sure that your child has what they need for back to school, but be aware of the dangers of overloading them or leaving them vulnerable. These back to school backpack safety tips are a great starter toward taking care of your child as they transition into a new grade in school.

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  1. i purchased reflective tape and placed it on various points on my back. helps to stay visibile during the fall/winter months

  2. I made the mistake of having my girls’ names on their backpacks when they were going to preschool. I got new ones for them to wear to school when I realized the danger.

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