Super Cool Back to School Study Room Decor


Create the ultimate homework area with these fun back to school study room decor ideas! I don’t know about you, but I can always study better when I’m surrounded by inspiring decor, comfy chairs and fun lighting. It just puts me in the right mood! Our favorite study room decor items are perfect for kids and moms going back to school! Don’t worry, you don’t need an entire room dedicated to studying for these items to work. I do suggest carving out a nook that is just used for homework and reading, though. That way, when you or your child go to that area of your house, it tells your brain that it’s time to get down to work!

Fun Back to School Study Room Decor

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Dry Erase World Map Wall Decal


We reviewed these super cute WallPop Maps over on our sister site, MyKidsGuide. They not only make great back to school study room decor ideas, but they’re also perfect for helping teach your kids geography. Choose from world maps, US maps or both! My son and I love to play “what country am I thinking of” with the world map, using clues on the map. The WallPop maps are quite large and full of stunning detail.

Linea Walnut Desk


While you can easily get an inexpensive particle board desk to use as a study surface, why not opt for something a little more decorative. I love the simple design of this Linea Walnut Desk. It’s a bit pricier than a particle wood desk because it’s actually made from real wood. This, of course, means it will last much longer! Plus, you just need to attach the legs to complete the assembly!

Fun Geometric Desk Lamp


You can’t study without light, can you? Desk lamps are the perfect opportunity to bring in some cute study room decor while also being practical. If you’re working with a small space, decorating with a purpose is a must. I love the colors in Gentle Rays desk lamp, but you can go with just about any style as long as it inspires you to study!

Locker Shelves


I am kind of addicted to browsing on Pottery Barn Kids! Aren’t these locker shelves adorable? They’re perfect for storing back to school supplies to help with homework time. Plus, kids have a handy place to hang their backpack and jacket. No more searching for lost gear in the morning! I love anything that makes my mornings easier, since I’m barely awake when I take my son to the bus!

LOL Red Lounge Fabric Chair


This is definitely a bit of a splurge item, but doesn’t it look like the perfect place to do some reading? It has foam-filled back and seat cushions for the ultimate comfy spot! The low center of gravity makes it more stable, so you don’t have to worry about your kids falling over in it. With a son as active as mine, that’s always a concern!

Periodic Table Clock


Keep track of time with this fun and practical periodic table clock. I was horrible at chemistry and never could remember all the elements. Even if your kids are younger, every time they look at the clock, they’ll get more exposure to the table.

38 thoughts on “Super Cool Back to School Study Room Decor”

  1. I love that chair! Would love to have that in office or on my worktable at home. These decors will help energize kids to study their lessons. Haha!

  2. Those lockers are awesome. I also the the chair. I have heard they are actually quite comfortable. Love the pattern on the lamp. Great ideas.

  3. These are cute things! I like those lockers and that chair pod, the lamp shade I’d actually use in my office and I love maps in kids rooms so they can learn about a place on the map.

  4. What great back to school room decor you have highlighted today! I love the periodic chart clock! When I was little, the biggest accessory was the world globe that I could spin and it was heaps of fun!

  5. These are super cool back to school study room decors indeed. I am totally going to get this chair for my self. lol It looks so cool and it also looks comfy. The clock is also so cool. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. I have to totally agree with you on this. Kids should have an area with neat decor that will set a comfortable study area with minimal distractions. These are all great ideas!

  7. All these are wonderful ideas for study room decoration. I really like the Red Lounge Fabric Chair. The wall map and Locker shelf’s also looks very cute. These ideas would help me a lot to decor my girls study room.

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